My Nike Training Club App Experience (Week 3)

Welcome to the third post in my series of six on my Nike Training Club App experience. I hope my weekly fitness updates aren’t boring you too much; I find that being accountable in this space means I am doing the workouts I am supposed to be doing. And that’s a very good thing.

My main challenge this week was getting sick. I started feeling a bit “off” late last week and then had a very sore throat for two days. Fortunately I was able to stave off anything worse by eating lots of this, and I am feeling better now, but getting my workouts in while I was under the weather was a bit tough.

I did my Insanity dvds on only two days this week (instead of my usual 4) as a result, but I still used the Nike Training Club App on two days, as planned. And even though I didn’t do a real workout on the other days because I wasn’t feeling well, I was still pretty active doing some heavy weeding in my garden.

The Get Focused workouts I am doing are only 15 minutes long, so I combine 2 workouts each time I use the app. I have had days where using the app almost didn’t happen because I was busy, but it’s really so important for me to dedicate that 30 minutes because I feel so good when I am all done. The workouts are hard, but not too hard, and obviously you can go at your own pace. As I mentioned last week, I love that I can work out with the app anywhere: in my basement, on my deck, in my backyard, in my driveway (early in the morning before anyone else is around, of course)…

I am almost a month into regularly exercising again at this point and I am definitely feeling so much better than I was earlier in the summer when I wasn’t being very active. My fitness level is getting back to where it used to be, and I am sleeping better and feeling more emotionally “level”.

You may or may not remember, but a few weeks back I promised there were going to be some prizes involved with these posts, and today I am happy to share that if you enter the Nike Make Yourself Sweepstakes, you’ll have a chance to win an iPad2 complete with the Nike Training Club app and COOL Nike gear including the Legend Pant, Victory Bra, and Free XT Motion Fit+!

The Nike Training Club App is a full-body functional training app designed for you to make yourself whatever you want to be. Whether you’re looking to get lean, toned, or strong, NTC takes every workout to the next level. Download it here.

I’ll have another update for you next week…if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, why don’t you download the app and take the challenge with me? It’s like having your own personal trainer. And it’s free :)

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nike Womens via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike Womens.

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3 thoughts on “My Nike Training Club App Experience (Week 3)”

  1. I think that it’s great that you’re posting about your fitness goals, especially if it makes you feel accountable. I have the Nike Training app, too, and I like it for when I want to change things up. I’ve been on a kick lately, which has been good for squeezing in workouts when I don’t want to dedicate time to it. Keep up the great work!!

  2. This is just what I need! I need a kick in the pants! I just love your blog so very much! I have loved your blog since your first egg post! We had a similar first egg experience where, while the cat didn’t get it, we all got so excited that we dropped it! tee hee. And your green tomato chutney recipe from last fall is making me eagerly anticipate, in a weird way, our first frost when we’ll use all the remaining green tomatoes for that chutney! We may even try and can some! Now you’re inspiring me to work out! It’s like you read my mind! I’m turning a new leaf today and downloading that app! Thanks!