My Nike Training Club App Experience (Week 2)

I am pleased to let you know that 2.5 weeks into my new exercise program, I am still working out almost every day. I am starting to feel like myself again- like the person who made regular exercise a part of her life for all the years before she turned 40 ;)

Now that I am exercising again, I’ve realized how good it makes me feel. It’s still a little hard to get going each and every time, but once I’ve started, I am so glad I did. The good feeling I have when I am done stays with me throughout the day, plus I am sleeping better and dealing with sadness, stress and other emotions better, too.

This week I did my Insanity dvds on three days and used the Nike Training Club App on two days. One day I fought with weeds in my garden for an hour- super sweaty work, I swear- and one day, I took off.

Using the app is really convenient. On cool mornings, I like to take my phone out to my back deck and work out there. Or sometimes I work out in the living room while my kids are reading or watching tv. As I mentioned last week, you don’t need much equipment with the app- I already had everything required for the Get Focused workouts (a medicine ball and a couple of free weights) here.

I’ve been doing the Get Focused workouts on the app. They are each 15 minutes long so I do two at a time, for a total of 30 minutes. There are seven workouts to choose from in the Get Focused program and I have tried them all…I think my favorite is the Butt Buster! This morning I did a combination of the Cardio Burst and the Shoulder Ribber. Being able to set the music as you like (Lady Gaga for me, thanks) is a big plus, and I love that I was finished long before my kids even woke up.

The Nike Training Club App is a full-body functional training app designed for you to make yourself whatever you want to be. Whether you’re looking to get lean, toned, or strong, NTC takes every workout to the next level. Download it here.

I’ll have another update for you next week, and for 3 weeks after that…always on Wednesdays. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, why don’t you download the app and take the challenge with me? It’s free and an easy way to get workouts in wherever you might be- at home or on the road.

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2 thoughts on “My Nike Training Club App Experience (Week 2)”

  1. Great job Winnie. I use the C25k app, myfitnesspal app for logging food and exercise, and Cardio Trainer app for timing, speed and GPS of my walking and running outside. It also allows me to add exercises other than just walking and running.

    Because it is so hot right now I am doing the C25k on the treadmill. Exercising makes my days better. It is a great way to start the day.