A Peek At My Garden + OXO #SproutTime Giveaway

I am so happy to finally give you a little peek at my 2014 garden, the place where my husband and I have been working our butts off most weekends for the past few months.

garden lead photo

Here’s what it looked like earlier this spring…
March 21, 2013:

march garden 1

April 20, 2013:

april garden 1

april garden 2

The top photo in this post and the photos below show what it looks like this morning!
June 23, 2014:

garden in bloom 1

garden in bloom 2

garden in bloom 3

(Want to see what it looked like 5 years ago when we got started? Check out this post.)

Gardening has become a favorite hobby of mine…and something my husband and I love to do together. We garden in raised beds here. Here’s a closer look at some of the things we have growing…in no particular order these photos show lots of greens including kale and chard, beets, peas, herbs, tomatoes, tomatillos, various squashes, cucumbers, watermelon, and onions. You can also see that I have some flowers in my veggie garden.





thai basil





kale and beets 2


cucumber trellis



onions 2

I’ll be sharing more photos of my garden in upcoming posts, and of course plenty of recipes featuring my homegrown goods!

Growing some of the food that my family eats is extremely satisfying: it’s an experience I wish for everyone. To help you get started with gardening (or to give you a boost if you are already a seasoned gardener), I am giving away some great gardening tools courtesy of OXO.

OXO sent me some of them to try out…they are really great, and I know you will love them.


tools close up

Three winners will receive the complete OXO gardening collection. The tool set includes: Bypass Pruners, Cultivator, Garden Scissors, Hand Rake. Outdoor Pour & Store Watering Can, Plow, Transplanting Trowel, Trowel, and Weeder. The retail value of this giveaway is $113. 91. Please use the widget below to enter. You can enter here on my blog or at the blogs of my co-hosts for this giveaway (be sure to check out their gardens, too!): Climbing Grier Mountain, Kirbie Cravings, Betsy Life.

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10 thoughts on “A Peek At My Garden + OXO #SproutTime Giveaway”

  1. what a great post accompanied by such beautiful photographs. thanks for sharing Winnie, love it… your garden is AWESOME.

  2. You have a wonderful garden. I also plant tagetes (marygold) and other flowers with my vegetables- it’s helpful and looks nice. I am still trying to figure out how to get/ keep our garden green and fertile in this climate that has no rain whatsoever during 6-8 months…. Good luck with your harvest.

  3. Wow, your garden is like my dream garden! I have about a tenth of the space, but I aspire to have more. Thank you for sharing you photos!

  4. Your garden looks incredible. I know the work that goes into it – great job! I have sprouts and tiny plants at this point, but I hope mine looks like yours soon. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Your garden is gorgeous. Given that we live in the desert, and that we travel a lot, I will never have a garden like that. Did I see a purple clematis in one of the photos? I hope your efforts pay off in a bounty of produce.