Mostly Raw Vegan Apricot Blackberry Pie

When I first heard about Pie Day, I was stumped about what to “bring” to the virtual party.

Because I’d just posted these cupcakes, I decided to go in a somewhat non-typical (and fairly virtuous) direction for my pie.

I’m calling it virtuous because it’s a vegan pie that’s made with (almost) all raw ingredients. It’s still pretty rich and sweet, though, so if you were to make it, I don’t suggest eating the whole pie in one sitting or anything like that: a small slice is perfect.

raw vegan apricot blackberry pie

To make the raw, vegan pie crust, I soaked 1 cup of organic raw almonds and 1 cup of organic dried calmyra figs in separate covered bowls overnight. I did this at room temperature, with enough water to cover the almonds and figs comfortably, because they will expand. I then poured off the water (save the fig soaking water for another purpose- it’s sweet and delicious) and combined the figs and almonds in my Blendtec blender. I processed these until they were fairly well mashed (I added a little of the fig soaking water to moisten the mixture) then pat it into a deep dish pie shell. I froze the crust for a few hours before proceeding.

Next, I combined 3 tablespoons of organic raw coconut butter with an equal amount of maple syrup (I think I used 3 tablespoons of each). Note that maple syrup is not raw, but I prefer it to agave, which is raw. You can use whichever one of these you like, or use a different natural sweetener that’s a liquid. Anyway, my goal was to create a sweet coconut layer between the crust and the fruit, so the fruit wouldn’t make the crust too soggy. Note that when refrigerated, the coconut butter hardens up somewhat.

After spreading the coconut layer, I combined 6 (or 7?) sliced ripe apricots with about 1 cup of fresh blackberries. I mixed 1 tablespoons of all-natural apricot butter into the fruit (not officially raw, but I wanted to add a little extra touch of sweetness and sheen), then spooned it over the coconut layer. That’s it…a raw (or almost all raw) pie! I refrigerated it for a few hours to make slicing neater, but if you don’t care how it looks, it’s fine just spoon into a bowl :)

Happy Pie Day!

raw apricot blackberry pie