Marmalade and My Fear of Canning

Winnie Abramson, ND

By Winnie Abramson, ND


I hate to admit it, but I have a fear of canning.

I make “jarred” recipes all the time, but I never do the whole water bath processing step. The step that would allow me to save what I make to eat in the future.

Take, for instance, this marmalade that I adapted from a recipe I found on Food in Jars, a great blog devoted to home canning. The recipe for Three Citrus Marmalade is found here.

I used 1 grapefruit, 8 blood oranges, and 2 Meyer lemons in my marmalade…


…and instead of peeling and chopping the rinds, removing the pith and “supreming” the citrus and as Marisa recommends, I chopped everything like this:


I added a couple of splashes of rum while the marmalade was cooking and I decreased the sugar a bit. I really like how it came out.


But I didn’t can it (because I’m afraid). And who am I kidding? There’s no way I can eat this much marmalade, especially since I already have jars and jars of two other kinds of marmalade that I made this winter in my fridge!

So I really need to get over my fear of canning. And soon. If you have any tips for me, please share them in the comments below!

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