Gluten-Free Chocolate Mint Cookies

Here’s my first attempt at making a homemade version of my favorite Girl Scout’s cookie: the Thin Mint. While these chocolate mint cookies did not turn out exactly like their

chocolate marshmallows | healthy green kitchen @winnieab

Chocolate Marshmallows

I competed in my second powerlifting meet this past Sunday. My goals for this one were to get more experience lifting in front of judges, and to qualify for USA

Salted Chocolate Brownies

Salted Chocolate Brownies

The chocolate brownie. It can be sticky, gooey, cakey, fudgey… and now salty. Salt and sweet has become such a craze in the last few years. It’s all on caramel, popcorn

Chocolate Coffee Macarons

Chocolate Coffee Macarons

I’m a big fan of macarons (The French sandwich cookie kind, not a coconut macaroon, although I’m a big fan of those too!). They are the ultimate “fancy” cookie, and

Chocolate and Ginger Loaf Cake

Chocolate and Ginger Loaf Cake

There’s a lot of pumpkin around at the moment. Like, a lot. So it’s definitely time for something different. As a child, my favourite biscuits were ginger snaps, and those

Chocolate Praline Cake

Chocolate Praline Cake

Hi everyone! It’s the week back to work after the Christmas holidays… The new year is looming, full of possibility and yet vast and unknown at the same time. I

Candied Cara Cara Orange Peels from Healthy Green Kitchen

Candied Orange Peel

Have you ever tasted homemade candied citrus peel? It’s a far cry from any store bought version you may have tried in the past, I assure you. This recipe for

chocolate mint cookies

Chewy Fair-Trade Chocolate Mint Cookies

Last year around the holidays, I discovered and fell hard for Cooks Illustrated‘s recipe for chewy chocolate cookies. I adored their lovely soft texture and how they contain the perfect

chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes

Happy 2nd Birthday Healthy Green Kitchen

Happy Friday everyone! Today, instead of sharing an Eco-Friendly Friday post, I’d like to acknowledge that this week is my blog’s 2nd birthday :) I really wanted to write something

Raw Chocolate Mousse

A quick note…if you haven’t yet entered my Garden of Life giveaway, make sure to do so as it ends in just a few days. Go to this post and

Gluten-Free Nanaimo Bars

The January 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Lauren of Celiac Teen. Lauren chose Gluten-Free Graham Wafers and Nanaimo Bars as the challenge for the month. The sources she

Real Hot Chocolate

I’m a big fan of hot drinks, especially in the winter. Teas of all sorts, flavored coffees, spiced cider, even just plain old warm water with some lemon squeezed in..heat