I'm Opening A Shop with OpenSky

I’m excited to announce that I’m Opening a Shop with OpenSky. Yippee!


I’ve been seeing OpenSky shop links on some of my favorite blogs lately (including La Fuji Mama and Michael Ruhlman) , so I decided to see what it’s all about. It turns out OpenSky is a really great concept- a personalized shopping experience unlike anything else on the web.

I’ll be able to stock my shop with products that I use myself, love, and personally recommend to my readers: items that are good for you and the planet, of course. In the past, I’ve occasionally linked to products on Amazon, but what I like about OpenSky is that it’s less like a giant warehouse and much more like a boutique.

Plus if something that I love isn’t in the OpenSky catalog, they’ll try to find it for me…how cool is that!

I’ve got just a few things in my shop right now; look for the inventory to grow in the near future. I’m also planning to offer some deals in future monthly newsletters, so if you’re not yet a subscriber, I guarantee you’ll want to become one. You can sign up for my newsletter here

See you tomorrow with another recipe!

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