how do you define healthy eating?

It’s the New Year and just about everyone I know is on some sort of healthy eating regime. Among food bloggers, the “4 Weeks to Your Best Self” plan from Whole Living seems to be pretty popular. So does the Food Lover’s Cleanse from Bon Appetit.

So I am curious.
Are you trying to eat healthy this week? This month? This year? And what exactly does that mean to you?

I am not on any particular healthy eating plan right now. I’m not doing anything new (aside from cutting way back on sweets: I ate far more sugar than I normally do throughout the entire holiday season). I’m not doing anything different because I am happy with how I eat. I feel that I eat healthy. I’ve been eating the way I eat for years…it works for me and I have no complaints about my weight or my health. So there’s really no reason for me to do anything different in terms of the way I eat or the recipes I share just because it’s January.

But maybe how I eat (and the recipes I feature on this blog) don’t mesh with your ideas of healthy.

Sure I advocate eating tons of vegetables, but I’m also big on butter. Maybe you don’t think butter is healthy?

I don’t count calories. Ever. I refuse to post the calorie count for my recipes. Maybe you think you have to count calories to eat healthy?

I eat meat. Not alot, and always grass-fed, but I eat it. Maybe you don’t think eating meat is healthy?

Again, I’d like to know what eating healthy means to you. I have no intention of saying anything negative about your comment if we don’t feel the same way about something. And I ask the same of you…please be respectful. We don’t have to agree on everything.

My blog has the word “healthy” in the title, and while I know what the word means to me, I really want to know what it means to you. Does it mean avoiding processed foods? Refined sugar? Wheat? Dairy? Fat? Does it mean eating everything, but making sure to do so in moderation?

After I get some feedback on this question, maybe I’ll publish a healthy eating FAQ of sorts. The guidelines I follow, and why I follow them. And I’d love to have an ongoing dialogue about healthy eating, because my main goal with this blog has always been to inspire others to eat in a way that benefits their health.

So help me out here: what are your thoughts on healthy eating? What does healthy eating mean to you?

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