Highlights of My Vacation

I didn’t cook much over the last 10 days. It’s a strange fact, but it’s true.

So what did I do? I spent time with family and friends, I cleaned my house, I read a few books, and I coughed. I coughed a lot (the cough is much, much better now, if you’re wondering).

And because one of my goals for 2010 (besides eating a healthy breakfast every day!) is to become a better photographer, I also spent a lot of time “playing” with my camera,.

To that end, I decided to get more active on Flickr and to do Project 365, too…

So while I don’t have time to share a recipe today, I thought I’d share a few of the photos I took during my vacation.

Favorite Holiday Week Moments/Photos

1. For Christmas Eve, my mom made this incredible Buche de Noel Recipe from Martha Stewart. I am so impressed at the patience she has for projects like these…it was delicious and really, really beautiful, and she doesn’t even consider herself a baker. Great job, Mom:


2. A few days after Christmas, my daughter and I spent a day together in New York City. We had a blast. Here’s a view of Bloomingdale’s (from across the street, which just happens to be the location of Dylan’s Candy Bar…I swear we didn’t go in ;)


3. My brother and sister-in-law and their two kids came to visit from Colorado for a few days. We had a great time. My niece and nephew are too cute for words…here’s my adorable niece:


4. New Year’s Eve was a fairly mellow affair, and on New Year’s day, I took my daughter sledding…she hates having her picture taken, but was having so much fun that I managed to get this one, which I absolutely love:


5. Sunday was a day of complete rest for my family. We went night skiing in truly frigid weather on Saturday, so the last day of vacation was spent doing some serious lounging. No one was more photogenic yesterday than my dog Jake, so it’s his picture that is my final one to share today:


Recipes will return tomorrow, I promise!

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