22 Healthy Potato Recipes

Christine Johnson

By Christine Johnson


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Potatoes are one of the most versatile ingredients. The root vegetables can be served at pretty much any meal of the day and be a hit. Not only are potatoes delicious, but they are also loaded with nutrients, full of antioxidants, and are naturally gluten-free. 

Serve them up alongside your eggs in the morning, as a filling soup in the afternoon, and or as a hearty side dish at dinner. You’ll be very surprised by the number of healthy dishes potatoes can be turned into. 

Healthy Potato Casserole

Forget the stigma around potatoes being unhealthy. This list of healthy potato recipes is here to change that up and show you that potatoes can be good for you at every meal of the day. 

1. Potato Wedge Nachos

Potato Wedge Nachos.

Dive into these Potato Wedge Nachos, where crispy baked wedges with less saturated fat take the place of traditional chips. Customize with an array of toppings to control the dish’s calorie and nutrition profile. Opt for low-fat cheese and Greek yogurt to add flavor without the guilt. These nachos are a testament to enjoying comfort food that’s both satisfying and health-conscious.

2. Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Love garlic? What about a cheese sauce? How about both of those ingredients combined with potatoes? Drooling yet? I know I am. Those three ingredients work together to make an updated version of scalloped potatoes. The secret to getting super thin and crispy potatoes is cutting them with a mandolin. The kitchen tool will save you from thick, undercooked potatoes and leave you in crispy potato heaven. The best part about this recipe — besides the cheese, of course — is that it can be both the main star of the meal or a side dish. 

3. Easy Creamy Potato Soup

Can you believe this healthy potato soup is dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, Whole30, and vegan? I couldn’t, so I just had to try it out for myself and let me tell you, it is delicious. You can catch me eating this for lunch for the rest of the week. The recipe takes everything you love about a classic potato soup and subs in a few healthier options like a dairy alternative instead of heavy cream. The soup can also be made on the stovetop, crockpot, or Instant Pot. So choose your cooking method of choice and get ready for amazing aromas to overtake your kitchen.

4. Healthy Mashed Potatoes

Not all mashed potatoes have to be loaded with butter to be delicious. Case in point: these healthy mashed potatoes. This mashed potato recipe keeps everything nice and light by replacing the bulk of the butter with low-fat sour cream. The substitution results in a super fluffy side dish perfect for pretty much any meal on your dinner table. Don’t worry about the potatoes losing any taste without the butter. The sour cream keeps the flavors bursting through while making them light and fluffy. Plus, the recipe calls for fresh herbs like thyme, chives, and parsley, so it is not lacking in seasoning. 

5. Healthy Potato Salad

Say goodbye to boring potato salad and hello to healthy potato salad that you’ll want to eat even after your BBQ is over. So what makes this potato salad extra exciting? It’s all in Greek yogurt. The yogurt replaces the mayo yet still keeps the texture of the potato salad that everyone knows and loves. Not only does it take out all of the unnecessary fats that come along with mayo, but it also adds a new depth of flavor and lightness to the classic side dish. You can make this dish a few hours before you serve it or even a day before. Just keep it in the refrigerator and let all of the flavors blend together.

6. Oven Baked Potato Chips

After one bite of these oven-baked potato chips, you’ll never want to eat the store-bought kind again. I wasn’t convinced these chips could replace the classic snack, so I had to make a batch for myself to be sure. And let me tell you, there is no comparison. The chips get their burst of flavor from the spice mixture that includes paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Since the chips are baked in the oven, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating the whole bowl! 

7. Baked French Fries

Can you believe that you can get fries with a super crispy outside and light and fluffy inside just by baking them in the oven? I wasn’t so sure about the method, so I had to test it out myself. The verdict? Absolutely delicious. You’re probably wondering how they can stay so crisp without being fried. The trick is to bake the potatoes at a super high temperature after soaking them in warm water. Everything takes about 45 minutes to come together, but it will easily be worth it after one bite. Pro tip: double the recipe and set half in the freezer to save for next time to cut the prep time in half! 

8. Baked Potato

When you think of a loaded baked potato, you probably think of a baked potato loaded with sour cream, cheese, and crumbles of bacon. Well, it’s time to change that narrative with this healthy baked potato and its healthy toppings. This recipe finds healthy replacements for all of your favorite toppings. Greek yogurt crumbled turkey bacon, and salsa are just a few swaps you can make to turn your calorie-heavy baked potato into a light side dish or main meal. No matter which combination of toppings you go with, your tastebuds will be sure to thank you. 

9. Healthy Loaded Baked Potato 

Would you believe me if I told you this loaded baked potato was filled with protein? I had to do a double-take as well, but it’s true! This healthy-loaded baked potato skips the sour cream and swaps in cottage cheese for a protein-filled meal. It may sound like an unusual combination but don’t knock it until you try it. Another great perk about this loaded healthy baked potato is it can skip the oven and go straight to the microwave. It will cut the cooking time in half and still give you that fluffy potato in no time.  

10. Healthier Tater Tot Casserole

Casseroles can sometimes get a bad rap with all of the heavy ingredients that tend to go in them. Luckily, this healthier tater tot casserole is here to change that narrative. Besides being topped with loads of super crispy tater tots, this casserole is packed with veggies. And when we say packed, we mean packed! We’re talking peas, carrots, corn, and so much more. Don’t see your favorite veggie in there? Feel free to throw in it too, just for good measure. The casserole is also loaded with ground turkey, keeping the protein ratio up. Plus, it can be made gluten-free or dairy-free as needed.  

11. Healthier Hashbrown Casserole 

Can you believe this casserole is both hearty and healthy? It will effortlessly keep you full all morning long. Not only will it keep you full long after breakfast, but it is also easy to make. So easy in fact, it can be done even before you’ve had your morning coffee. Another positive aspect of this recipe is it will last for a few days in the refrigerator. Simply make a big batch and enjoy a filling breakfast all week long. 

12. Skinny Cheesy Potato Casserole 

Your tastebuds won’t know what hit them once you take a bite of this skinny cheesy potato casserole. So, what makes this casserole so good? It’s all in the ingredients, plus the cooking method of the potatoes. The casserole is made with Greek yogurt, skim milk, and less cheese than normal to create a melt-in-your-mouth dish. The substitutions keep the original flavors alive and eliminate all the heaviness that comes with the traditional dish. Now let’s talk about the potatoes. Instead of just mashing the potatoes, they are soft-boiled and shredded. This adds a great texture to this dish and truly brings it to the next level.

13. Healthier Twice Baked Potato 

What’s better than a baked potato? A twice-baked potato! Want to know what’s even better? A healthy twice-baked potato! The twice-baked potato is exactly what it sounds like. It bakes up in the microwave to get super soft and fluffy and then in the oven to crisp up. Before the potato hits the second bake, it is mixed with topping to create a mouthwatering bite. That’s where the healthy part comes in. This recipe combines Greek yogurt, reduced-fat cheddar cheese, and light cream cheese alongside the potato. This meal is enough to be the star of your dinner. No side dishes are needed here! 

14. Garlic Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

I can guarantee there will be no leftovers of this amazing side dish. Seriously, these garlic rosemary roasted potatoes are light, crispy, and packed with seasoning. Not only are they delectable on their own, but these potatoes are an amazing side for pretty much any dinner. The trick to getting them super crispy is all in the oven temperature. Roast them at very high heat in the oven to create super crispy skin. Cooking the potatoes in the oven also eliminates any unnecessary frying oil. 

15. Roasted Russet Potatoes 

Love French fries but don’t love the oil and fat that comes with them? Make these roasted russet potatoes instead. Just like fries, they are super crispy and ultra addictive. However, they are made in the oven instead of the fryer, making it okay to go back for seconds or even thirds. There are a few tricks when it comes to getting the roasted potatoes to stay super crispy and light. Remember to keep a very high oven temperature and prep them with olive oil. The high smoke point of the oil is perfect for baking potatoes.

16. Skinny Cheesy Potatoes 

Would you believe me if I told you the secret to these skinny cheesy potatoes is actually cauliflower rice? I wasn’t so sure about the secret ingredient myself. However, after giving it a try, I am all in. You can expect to see this dish in the regular rotation of my dinner menu. Another excellent secret in this recipe is the addition of Greek yogurt. It replaces the traditional sour cream to keep the dish nice and light yet still creamy and smooth. 

17. Skinny Scalloped Potato Gratin

What happens when you combine thinly sliced potatoes, cheese, and a light butter sauce? You get an absolutely irresistible side dish. This recipe keeps all the traditional flavors of a gratin but lightens it up with a few simple swaps. The mandolin will be your secret weapon if you want to get perfect layers in the gratin. Another great part about this recipe is that it could be made in advance. Simply assemble the dish and cover it with plastic wrap until you are ready to throw it in the oven. 

18. Baked Potato Wedges 

There is nothing bland when it comes to these baked potato wedges. The simple seasoning of garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika will leave your tastebuds dancing in your mouth. I was drooling just reading this recipe, so I had to make it for myself, and let me tell you, they truly do live up to the hype. You probably have everything you already need to make these simple baked potato wedges in your house too. All you need is 30 minutes to make this mouthwatering goodness come together. 

19. Loaded Potato Skins 

I know it is hard to believe, but this loaded potato skin is low-calorie, gluten-free, and loaded with protein. With that being said, you might think the dish would be lacking in flavor, but it is actually quite the opposite. Another highlight of this recipe is that it takes less than 30 minutes to make. It’s perfect for a last-minute snack or if you are just looking for something quick and healthy. 

20. Baked Latkes

If you’ve never had a latke, get ready for a treat. Latkes are a traditional Jewish food served during Hanukkah but really deserve a spot in the kitchen year-round. Typically latkes are fried in oil, however, these are baked in the oven. This keeps out all of the excess oil that they normally soak up. Baking them instead of frying them doesn’t take away from the traditional food. They are still extra crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside. 

Pro tip: make sure you grate the potatoes so they are nice and thin. This will help the potatoes crisp up in the oven and hold up against the high heat. 

21. Crispy Hash Brown Recipe 

When there’s a hashbrown on your plate for breakfast, you just know it’s going to be a good day. So, what makes these hash browns so irresistible? It’s all in the seasoning mix. The potatoes are tossed in a mixture of garlic and onion powder. The simple spice mixture coats the potatoes just right to enhance the flavor and take the hashbrowns to the next level. Another secret to these hashbrowns is the way they are cooked. Instead of vegetable oil, they are cooked in olive oil for a lighter fare, making the potatoes the star of the show. 

22. Baked Home Fries

What if I told you that you could have restaurant-quality home fries without leaving your house? Well, thanks to this recipe, it has never been easier. I wasn’t so sure they would have the same quality, but I was wrong. In fact, I believe that this recipe is actually better! The secret ingredient is patience. The potatoes may take around 40 minutes to fully come together, but trust me, they will be worth it in the end. After they are cooked, the potatoes are baked in the oven. That is where they develop crispy skin and tender flesh. Plus, baking them leaves out all of the grease and gives them a nice, clean flavor. 

Healthy Potato Casserole
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22 Healthy Potato Recipes

Discover the nutritious versatility of potatoes with our collection that transforms them from humble sides to the stars of your plate.
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