Holly’s Green Smoothie

When my friend Holly Shelowitz posted her favorite healthy green smoothie recipe on Facebook, I wanted to try it immediately. I did…and I loved it.

Holly is a holistic nutritionist. We only just met a few months ago, but we have so much in common that it feels like I’ve known her much longer. She and I share a love for high quality nutrient dense food, and I’ve been wanting her to do a guest post for a while. So without further ado, here’s Holly and her green smoothie recipe!

Green smoothie from www.healthygreenkitchen.com

I eat greens every day, both cooked and in salads, but I was craving something more. The color green is associated with refreshing, vital energy and nutritionally, dark leafy greens are high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. One cup of most dark, leafy green vegetables supplies the daily requirement of beta carotene, as well as vitamins C, E and K. Dark leafy greens are also high in fiber, folic acid, and dozens of trace minerals and nutrients.

For the nutrients to be most available for our bodies, greens should to be enjoyed with good quality fat like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil or ghee. Good fats help to transport the minerals into our bodies in a way that can be easily absorbed; a lack of good fats is one of the reasons low fat diets can be harmful!

Eating dark, leafy greens can benefit your body in a number of ways:

• chlorophyll helps to purify and build the blood
• improved immune system function
• promotion of healthy intestinal flora and better digestion
• improved liver and kidney function
• the clearing of congestion, especially in the lungs and intestines

So while you can buy all those green powders, there’s just nothing like live greens. You can really feel the vitality as you drink it. Green smoothies are truly nourishing and uplifting; they can improve your energy levels, lift your spirits and help you fight depression too.


The key here is to taste the smoothie after you blend but before you pour it so you can adjust the ingredients, if necessary. Greens can be strong, especially if you are not used to having them in a smoothie. So taste and fuss with the levels of the ginger/apple/lemon accordingly. I suggest not going overboard with the lemon, but increasing the apple, in particular, makes this sweeter and more palatable for just about anyone.

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Check out Holly’s Website and blog for more information about her nutritional counseling practice, her cooking classes, and her recipes. She also makes her own line of Nourishing Wisdom Skincare Products, so be sure to check those out, too!

This post is linked to this week’s edition of Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday!

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Holly's Green Smoothie Recipe

I recommend using organic ingredients whenever possible.
Prep Time5 mins


  • *1/2 inch piece fresh ginger peeled
  • *1/4 lemon skin and all
  • *1-2 cored apples
  • *5 stalks kale stems removed
  • *flesh from 1 avocado
  • *pinch of celtic sea salt
  • *dash of water


  • Using a high speed blender (I love my Blendtec), blend until super smooth. Eat with a spoon.

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  2. Because almonds are naturally very nutritious, almond milk doesn’t need to be fortified. You can make almond milk yourself at home, and it will have the same nutritional value as the almond milk available commercially.

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  8. Great idea on using olive oil as a high-quality oil in a healthy smoothie. I’ve been using avacados or flax oil, but I usually run out so its nice to have good old olive oil as a standby. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself :)

  9. Wow. Just made this… my first time making any sort of green smoothie. I want so badly to like it, but it is making me queasy. I think I will do less lemon and ginger next time or maybe try it with blueberries.

    • Sarah,
      Green smoothies can really be an acquired taste, and this one is pretty strong tasting with all the lemon and ginger. I would def. try more fruit and less green to start, if you’ve never had one before…

  10. I eat green every day, too. In large quantities. In fact, I’ve not met a green I don’t like.

    The lemon adds just enough acid in my smoothies for a great kick. I love the spicy hint of ginger, too. I use them daily. I’ve actually been putting celery and parslely along with my kale or spinach for a really fresh tasting smoothie. I love it. You’ve been SU’d! Great post.

  11. Wow. Great post. I have just started my site and will be adding some new recipes pretty sooon. Thanks for the info, will keep checking back for updates.
    Try out a green tea smoothie. Delicious!

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  13. I’m totally a green smoothie addict. I tend to fall into a habit of banana+spinach+mint+parsley, but I do like to change it up. For dinner tonight I’m having a cucumber+kale+mint+avocado+almond milk smoothie. Yum! I like yours too – a great mix – those avocados make them so creamy!