Happy Summer…and an Eco-Friendly Friday Challenge

Happy Summer!

This morning, I took my 12 year old son to the airport to send him off on a week-long adventure in Colorado. The drive home took a couple of hours, and when I wasn’t worrying about or missing him, I got to thinking about some of the habits I have that I would like to work on changing this summer.

I’ll confess right now that sometimes I forget to turn off the lights when I leave a room.

How about you?

Do you sometimes forget your reusable shopping bags? Could you bring your own mug with you when you stop for a coffee or a tea? What about buying in bulk to eliminate packaging waste? Giving up bottled water? Carpooling instead of driving solo? Turning off your computer at night? Unplugging stuff when it’s not being used? Line drying your clothes?

There are so many things I could list here…so many things each of us do that we could do differently…

I’ve read that it takes 3 weeks to establish a new habit. So how about swapping out just one eco-unfriendly practice for a greener one, and focusing on it for the next 21 days? I am going to be turning off the lights whenever I leave a room; if you want to share what habit you are going to try to change, please let me know in the comments section.

Thanks for playing along with my eco-friendly Friday challenge: I know it sounds “cheesy”, but if we all change just one thing, it really will make a difference.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Summer…and an Eco-Friendly Friday Challenge”

  1. I’m going to order some reusable sandwich bags off etsy.com because I have an addiction to the things (they are just so handy with a toddler around!) Oooh, oooh, oooh and unplugging things too. I’m going to go room by room and I bet I can unplug at least one thing in each room! Great post.

  2. Winnie: that must be tough to send off your kid… mine are still too young, but I know it will be coming for me too (and I am dreading it!!!).
    As far as eco-habits I have been reinforcing mine here while I am in Italy (Europe tends to be so much more eco conscious). We are line-drying our clothes, have 4 garbage bags (paper, platic-metal, organic-wet, everything else), using less processed-packaged foods, turning lights off, showering with less water, using the breeze to air-condition!!!

  3. i am going to use the reusable bags at the grocery store from now on… as well as if i go to walmart or any store to save on the plastic bags… I have an entire cupboard full of those plastic bags… very wasteful….

  4. OK, I am so over little plastic bottles for water on my walks – even though I would refill them with our own water. When we were in NYC I picked up a cute “green” water bottle at the Met’s gift shop…And I am doing better at walking with my pushcart to the n’hood grocery store, only 1/2 mile away – save the gas, Liz….

  5. I’m committing to do several errands a week on bike. I just got it out today for the first time in several years! Tomorrows trip is to the gym, it’s less than 2 miles so why drive?! Next I’m going to scope out if I can bike to buy groceries safely.

    We really can all make a difference ;)

  6. I’m all about making small goals for myself – I usually focus on my eating habits, but I think it’s a great idea for any aspect of life/your daily routine. I think I’ll give line drying my clothes a shot – after all, it is summer!