Happy Birthday Healthy Green Kitchen

It’s been exactly one year since my first post.

And a great year it has been!

I’d like to shout a great big “thank you” to each and every person who has let me know that you like what I am doing here. I’ve “met” so many smart, supportive, encouraging, and incredibly talented people because of this blog- the inspiration I get from you all is amazing.

Now since all birthdays (even at healthy recipe blogs) deserve cake, I hope you will virtually share this slice with me in honor of Healthy Green Kitchen.


This cake recipe is found at food52 and was shared by Emily Nunn, a great writer and cook who blogs at Cook the Wolf.

In true Winnie fashion, I used organic butter, organic sugar, organic free range eggs and raw grass-fed milk. I used spelt flour and pastured leaf lard instead of shortening, and I decorated my slices with candied violets. It’s a fantastic cake- perfect for celebrating a special day ;)

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24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Healthy Green Kitchen”

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  2. Megan- thank you so much!

    Glutton- thank you and yes, I love NT. Read it when it first came out and it certainly did change my life- it is still a much thumbed reference to this day, and I often mention it on the blog.

  3. Happy First Anniversary, Winnie! Your blog and cooking philosophy are truly an inspiration. Btw, is Nourishing Traditions a sourcebook for you? I have just discovered it, and feel my life about to change…

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  5. Happy Blogaversary!! congratulations on such a great site, and all you have accomplished!
    and by the way the cake looks delicious!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday darling Winnie! I can’t believe you’ve only been around a year – you’re doing beautifully :). Keep going!!

  7. Happiest of birthdays, Winnie!! Thanks for all of the wonderful ways you contribute to my life and my blog. You are incredible.

    May you have many, many more!!

  8. Congrats on your 1st year Winnie! You’ve got a beautiful blog with lots of inspiring recipes for me to keep coming back for. I’ll take a slice, please.

  9. Happy blog birthday. Only one year old, and already it’s so very accomplished, interesting, SMART, and healthy too! What a proud blog mother you must be! My congratulations to you, Winnie.

  10. What a gorgeous cake Winnie… happy blogiversary! What a special milestone, and such a special cake to ring it in!

  11. Happy birthday!

    And thank you very much for your entries. I really do appreciate all those healthy cooking blogs! I can’t get enough of them.