Go Green- Plant a Garden

Having your own organic vegetable garden is immensely satisfying- it’s a great way to ensure high quality super-local produce for your family.

It connects you to the earth and it’s good exercise, as well.

Even if you have very little space where you live, you can still grow something-try organic vegetable gardening in containers or look for a space in a community garden.

It is really important to use organic methods in your home garden- stay away from chemical products such as weed killer on your property- these are very eco-unfriendly and can be toxic to you, your family, and the environment. It is much better to make friends with the wild plants (aka weeds)- they are super sources of nutrition, and can either be eaten (like dandelion, nettles, purslane, and red clover), or pulled and added to your compost.

I personally use a lot of techniques inspired by permaculture in my garden. I purchased a Rain Barrel to harvest rainwater and I don’t do a lot of digging, opting instead to add lots of organic matter and to sheet mulch whenever possible.

Something else I started doing recently is saving my own seeds. This is a great way to preserve heirloom seed varieties; it’s also a great way to save some money.

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