Garden Update for Eco-Friendly Friday and A Happy Earth Day Giveaway

Happy Earth Day and welcome to the third edition of Eco-Friendly Friday!

We’ve had lots of rain and cool temperatures for spring so far, but I’m finally seeing some beautiful things start to happen outside.

I am going to be spending the day, and much of the weekend, preparing my veggie garden for the upcoming season. Winter was rough so it’s looking pretty sad in there…I have so much to do! I’ve been allowing my chickens to forage in the garden area for the last few weeks since nothing was planted… this probably wasn’t the best plan as they’ve made quite a mess.

They’ve moved all the rocks along the fence around the garden, so now I need to move them all back :(

I’ll also be re-filling my raised beds with new soil and a top layer of compost because the existing contents settled so much over the winter. Lastly, I’ll spread lots and lots of mulch over the areas outside the raised beds in an effort to keep down the grasses and weeds that tend to grow. Once I get the raised beds all nicely filled out, I’ll be planting seeds including peas, carrots, beets, and some greens. I’m a little late getting started in the garden this year because the weather has been pretty crummy and just because I’ve been so busy.

So what are you doing to live greener these days? I want to know! Feel free to link to your eco-friendly blog content with the “linky tool” below. I’ll leave the linky up through Sunday 4/24/11.

A lot of topics fit comfortably under the eco-friendly umbrella, so I’d love to hear about the following:

* your organic gardening/small-scale farming efforts
* your support for local farms/farmer’s markets
* what you cook with your harvest/farmer’s market haul (includes recipes for canning and preserving)
* cooking efforts that save you money, cut down on packaging and allow you to eat better
* your composting and worm bin efforts
* your experiences keeping chickens, goats, cows, etc.
* your experiences with beekeeping
* your tips for recycling and reusing things around the house instead of throwing them away
* projects you’ve done that have improved the energy efficiency of your home
* green decor ideas
* recommendations for environmentally friendly products you use
* examples of how you’ve conserved energy and/or saved money by adopting a greener lifestyle

Here are the linking up guidelines:

* Please add a link to this post somewhere in your blog post entry stating that it’s a part of this week’s Eco-Friendly Friday over at Healthy Green Kitchen.
* Make sure to link to your individual post, not to your home page.
* Make sure your post contains some element of “eco-friendliness”.
* Please only link to one blog post per blog.
* When you link, please share the subject of your post; your name and the name of your blog are optional. Sample entry: Natural Beekeeping (Winnie @ Healthy Green Kitchen)


I’ve been bowled over by the support you all have given to me since I started Eco-Friendly Friday two weeks ago…to show my appreciation, I’m having a little giveaway!

These books have been in my library and they are very gently used. I love them all; I just have too many books and want to pass the information on to others who’d like to have it. The titles are:

1. The Conscious Kitchen: The New Way to Buy and Cook Food – to Protect the Earth, Improve Your Health, and Eat Deliciously
2. Go Green Get Lean: Trim Your Waistline with the Ultimate Low-Carbon Footprint Diet
3. Easy Green Living: The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices for You and Your Home
4. Prescriptions for a Healthy House, 3rd Edition: A Practical Guide for Architects, Builders & Homeowners
5. Organic Gardening: The Natural No-Dig Way

I’m giving all 5 books to one lucky reader. To be eligible to win, all you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post, and you can do so until 4/24/11 at midnight EST to be eligible. I’ll choose a winner using…make sure I have your email address so I can notify you if you win. I will ship the books within the US or to Canada :)

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27 thoughts on “Garden Update for Eco-Friendly Friday and A Happy Earth Day Giveaway”

  1. Your garden looks gorgeous! Unfortunately I do not have a yard so I cannot plant a garden. We are however going to plant a tomato plant and cucumber bush in some planters that were given to us. We love pickling vegetables so we are hoping for lots of cucumbers so we can eat lots of pickles…hehe :)

  2. Winnie it is great to read about your garden updates. Those photos of your flowers are gorgeous & so vibrant! Your eco tips are important and they create awareness. Over here we use & re-use plastic bags until they have holes. I try to purchase food with as few wrappings as possible. We pack homemade lunches for school in re-usable containers. xo

  3. just began digging up my backyard to get ready for our first family garden! would love, love, love these books to help with the direction i’d love to take my family in.


  5. Happy Earth Day!
    Just recently got linked to your blog and it is exactly what I have been looking for; I am currently a close to graduating college student looking to learn more about holistic and local living. Your posts are pure inspiration and look forward to the future eco-friendly Friday posts!

  6. Your blog is very inspiring. Wishing I could have chickens (darn city ordinance!), but luckily have searched out local farmers market and an organic CSA. Word will spread eventually and this way of living will no longer be considered different.

  7. I just found your site three weeks ago, and spent the better part of a day poring over old posts. : )
    We moved to a rural area almost a year ago, and are trying to live the same way–we have chickens, grow what we can, and try to stay local for the rest. Your blog is inspiring!

  8. you are one of the “youngsters” I have been reading for encoyragement on keeping up the “old ways” I’ve been following for the last 72 years. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. I am excited because I get my first share from my local CSA this next week. I am looking forward to canning and freezing, and trying some new foods. I use environment friendly products in my home.

  10. I look forward to your new eco-friendly friday I <3 it. I am always looking for ways to green up my home for my family and myself. Great idea all the way around!

  11. Happy Earth Day!!!! Love your site! The pictures are so awesome, here in Alberta, Canada I am still looking out at snow! It has been a long winter! I am hoping to get my beets, spinach, etc. in soon, as I garden in raised beds. Thanks for the inspiration, wonderful photos and great recipes!

  12. Found your blog not long ago….love it.
    I’ve been high raw about 2 years now and feeling great.
    I am working on greening up my home.
    I will be back to visit often.

    Happy Earth Day!
    [email protected]

  13. Happy Earth Day and thank you for a wonderful giveaway. I have been trying to green my diet for a while – as a grad student on a limited budget it hasn’t always been easy. The good news is I’m graduating in May and starting a real job with a real salary and my gift to myself is joining a CSA!

  14. Beautiful photo. I echo the above sentiments – the eco-friendly Friday series is a wonderful idea! Happy Earth Day!

  15. Your eco-friendly Fridays are great! It’s nice to get that little bit of inspiration once a week to make further changes in my cooking, gardening, and other home habits. I especially liked this post and your *used* book giveaway, because Earth Day is my birthday! I’m always on a little bit of a “green” high this day each year.

  16. Loved your post! I love hearing more about what REAL people are doing for gardening – you left some great tips! I am in a townhome with no grassy space for a garden but I do have a deck. This year I will be filling up my deck with lots of veggies.

    Oh, and the books – what a fabulous and generous idea!