Garden Pea and Rose Petal Salad

Slightly cooler temperatures plus lots of rain this past week equals one very happy garden…

pea and rose petal salad 1

…everything for this Garden Pea and Rose Petal Salad came straight out of that happy garden!

To make this salad I used a mixture of greens (green and red head lettuces, spinach, and an Asian green called purple pak choi), sliced peas, chopped basil, and it’s garnished with rose petals.

Rose petals are indeed edible, but you should only eat them if they have not been sprayed with anything nasty (pesticides and such). How strong the flavor of the petals is really depends on how fragrant your roses are… I didn’t add a lot of them to the salad, just enough to give it some lovely color and a bit of their “rose-y” taste.

I used a simple dressing featuring homemade yogurt and honey, and I dressed it pretty sparsely. I like how the slightly sweet dressing tempers the slightly bitter greens, but if you prefer a vinaigrette-style dressing, feel free to use that instead.


Forgive me for listing the measurements in “handfuls”, but that’s how I usually do things when a recipe goes straight from the garden to the table. I’d estimate that one of my handfuls is approximately 1 cup. If you don’t have the specific ingredients listed here, don’t fret- this is an adaptable salad…just use what you’ve got.


This salad is linked to Real Food Wednesday over at Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

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Garden Pea and Rose Petal Salad Recipe


  • *1 handful of green leaf lettuce
  • *1 handful of red leaf lettuce
  • *1 handful of purple pak choi
  • *1 handful of spinach
  • *1 handful of basil
  • *10-15 fresh peas
  • *rose petals
  • *1 tablespoon organic plain yogurt
  • *1 tablespoon olive oil
  • *2 teaspoons honey
  • *1 garlic clove minced


  • 1. Clean all of your greens very well and tear them into bite-sized pieces.
  • 2. Chop up the basil and slice the peas.
  • 3. in a medium bowl, mix together the greens, the basil and the sliced peas. Toss in a few rose petals, too, but keep most of them for garnish.
  • 4. In a small bowl, whisk together the yogurt, the olive oil, the honey and the garlic. Pour over the salad and toss well. Garnish with the rest of the rose petals.

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  4. It looks absolutely gorgeous – I like the way the rose livens up the plate and adds floral notes to the salad.

  5. I hold you personally responsible for the fact that I will now be stealing my neighbor’s roses, just so that I can have prettier salads!

  6. What a lovely salad, great addition of the rose petals.. I like edible flowers on my salad too. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a beautiful salad!! I am jealous of your purple bak choi… my regular bok choi didn’t do very well. Maybe I’ll try to find a purple variety for the autumn.

  8. So pretty and fresh, Winnie. It’s such a blessing (and source of pride and enjoyment) to have a garden and be able to cook one’s own perfect veggies “by the handful.”

  9. This seems way too beautiful to eat! Well, I guess that’s what photos are for; you can still enjoy the beauty AND the taste :) This seems like it would be a perfect dish for a fancy summer’s eve party too.

    ~Aubree Cherie

  10. What a fresh and beautiful salad. The rose petals are such a wonderful addition. This looks like such an elegant start to a summer meal.