Fresh and Flavorful: Sauces

I am excited to announce I wrote and photographed my first eBook! It’s called Fresh and Flavorful: Sauces. It’s a mini cookbook with 10 recipes for easy-to-make, very delicious sauces you can use in a myriad of ways.

Fresh and Flavorful: Sauces eBook

I think you are going to really love the recipes in this book: they are all made with wholesome ingredients including fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and they are super fresh and delicious because none of the recipes are cooked. All of the recipes are gluten-free and most are vegan, too.

The recipes in this book are meant to be used to add “zing” to everyday meals. You can use them as appetizers with crudités, chips, or crackers, or they may be spooned on top of any vegetarian, fish, or meat main dish. They can dress up dinner any night of the week, but are special enough to be the darling of your next soirée…I give you numerous ideas for how to use them (and change them up) throughout the eBook.

If you’d like to see what the book looks like inside, here’s the Table of Contents:

Fresh and Flavorful Sauces Table of Contents

My plan is to write more eBooks…I’d love to create a Fresh and Flavorful eCookbook series. Each book will have a theme, and I am really excited about this new way to share content with you. This eBook is a downloadable PDF file which you will have access to immediately after your purchase. If you’d like to know how to read a PDF on your iPad, please see this link. And please check here for instructions on how to read a PDF on your kindle (you can also use the kindle app to read it on your smartphone).

The book is only $1.99. I hope you enjoy it…thank you for your support!

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