For The Love of Homegrown Strawberries (with Honey, Mint, Pistachios, and Yogurt)

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Happy Eco-Friendly Friday everyone! Today I want to talk a bit about growing your own strawberries, and I’m sharing the recipe for the delicious strawberry yogurt treat I ate yesterday at Stone Barns.

strawberries with yogurt honey and pistachios

In my garden, I grow strawberries called “Seascape”. If you are interested in planting your own strawberries, I highly recommend this variety. Seascape are very productive and yield beautiful fruit throughout the growing season. They do well both in-ground and in containers; they also have a reputation for being disease resistant.

I’ve got 25 strawberry plants that I put into a raised bed two years ago. My patch has been a little slow on the uptake this year because I mistakenly let my chickens into my garden at the end of last season and they scratched up the plants quite a bit. I was able to revive them with some coddling and they are producing fruit…not as much as I’d like for making jams and such, but enough to use in recipes like the one below.

seascape strawberries

Apart from the obvious joy you’ll get from being able to pick and eat strawberries you grow yourself, another reason to grow them is the fact that commercial strawberries are one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed fruits. You can buy organic strawberries, of course, but they are expensive…it’s much cheaper to grow your own.

At Stone Barns, we enjoyed their homegrown strawberries with yogurt, honey and slivered almonds. Served in beautiful Weck jars, I was struck by what a healthy, delicious, and pretty snack it was.

I eat something very similar to this for breakfast quite a bit, so I figured I’d share a version here. Feel free to swap out the strawberries for a different berry, or use sliced plums or peaches when in season. Use the best quality ingredients you can find…it really makes a difference in a simple recipe like this.

Note that this is very pretty when served in a small glass jar.

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strawberries with yogurt, honey, and pistachios

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Recipe for Strawberries with Honey, Pistachios, and Yogurt

Inspired by Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Serves 1


  • *3/4-1 cup organic plain yogurt or Greek-style yogurt
  • *about 10 small-medium organic strawberries you can sprinkle these with a little organic sugar and let then macerate for 10-15 minutes if you like...this will make them a little sweeter and draw out their juices
  • *1 handful of all-natural raw or roasted shelled pistachios, chopped (or use almonds or your favorite nut/seed)
  • *2-3 teaspoons fresh mint and/or lemon balm I grow these in my garden and used both, minced
  • *honey for drizzling- to taste use the best local honey you can find; Blue Hill produces their own honey and they gave us a jar to take home after the's phenomenal


  • 1. Combine the stawberries and pistachios in a bowl with the yogurt. Sprinkle with the herbs and drizzle on the honey to taste.

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