Early June Garden and My New Chickens

I don’t have a lot to say today, and I don’t have a recipe to share. What I do have is some photos of my organic kitchen garden and my new chickens.


My husband Dan and I built this garden last year. I don’t mean to sound corny, but it has really and truly been a labor of love…


…lots of work, but totally worth it.


We haven’t had much of a spring here in New York…the hot weather means we’ve pretty much skipped right to summer, and all my vegetables are doing great. Last year at this time was a much different story- we had cool weather and tons of rain and my garden looked nothing like it does now.


I’m excited to be eating from my garden already (I snacked on lettuce, peas, and strawberries while I was taking these pictures) and this means lots of recipes featuring homegrown ingredients are coming…


As you can see, this month I am eating lots and lots of greens…


Plus now I’ve got peas…


And soon I’ll have tons more good stuff like peppers…




And so much more.


We also got six chickens last weekend! They are all girls of various heritage breeds and they’re about 7 weeks old. I’m quite fond of them already. They’ll start laying eggs in a few months, and I am really looking forward to that.




I’ll be taking lots and lots of photos as the garden and the chickens grow, so stay tuned. And I’ll be back with a recipe tomorrow. Promise.

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18 thoughts on “Early June Garden and My New Chickens”

  1. I like your organic garden as it produces more greens than mine. I hope I can plant different kinds of vegetables. I only have three kinds and not much on the leafy side of the vegetables. One thing though, just make sure those chickens are kept out of your garden.

  2. My heirloom tomatoes are still in their cups just about ready to transplant to their spot in the garden. I can’t wait for the harvest to begin!!

  3. Who doesn’t love those sweet little chickens? What do you do if you go away for a weekend. Can you just leave feed for them?
    I have my first real outdoor garden going now, too. My tomatoes look about like yours, same size and still green. It is really exciting to look at them. I haven’t had home-grown tomatoes for years. I have all different kinds, which increases the suspense. Some “rainbow mix” cherry tomatoes, a purple Cherokee, K-mart heirlooms (what that would mean I do not know yet) and a bush hybrid. I put in some basil here and there because I heard it was good for keeping off the pests and makes the tomatoes taste better. I have cucumbers too, just a couple, and thyme, oregano, rosemary and spearmint. Home-grown tomatoes…bruscetta… can’t wait. My organic mosquito repellent is working, yay, very important here in Atlanta GA, zone 7. It’s a small plot in a community garden, but I love it.

  4. Love your garden! Everything looks so healthy and vibrant. Can’t wait to see what you cook with all those wonderfully fresh ingredients.

  5. Love your garden. A labor of love is such a good way to put it. Sweat equity too, In this heat…
    BTW, I am jealous, I so want chickens, but have to settle for fresh eggs from a friend’s hens.. Maybe one day

  6. If I were a crayon, I would be “Green with Jealousy”! Wow! I love the garden and all the fresh stuff to eat and create dishes with. But most of all, I LOVE the chickens! The brown and white and the gray and white remind me of my merled Australian Shepherds. LOL! OK, so what breed are the chickens? Everything looks so great. Can’t wait to see the recipes coming up!

  7. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! I’ve got some additional seeds that will go in this weekend and I’ll be adding more flowers and herbs to my veggie beds too. Will post some new pictures in a few weeks!

  8. This made my day…I’m so jealous but so happy for you! I can’t wait until Ryan and I have some land so that we can plant our own little garden. Your chicks are adorable…so very sweet!

  9. I’m a defeated vegetable grower.

    I gave up my allotment this year, after much anguish. The problem was that it was at the side of a canal, and, as we continually found, when the workmen dug the canal out in the 1700s, they just dumped the spoil onto the bank, so we were forever digging rocks out of our veg plot.

    Your way is much better, and having your veg plot right outside your door makes everything way easier, not least of all the battle against the slugs.

    I still grow a few things – I’ve managed to create a massive herb garden along a south facing wall, and there are a couple of chilli plants braving the northern British summer this year.

    But keeping chickens? That’s something I’d love to try….

  10. Such a beautiful garden! I planted my first one this year, so I’m learning lots, and I don’t have a very big one. May have to hit you up for advice periodically. :)

    Your chickens are so adorable. I have a real soft spot for chickens – had one as a pet growing up. Can’t wait to see the photos as they grow up.

  11. The start of the harvest — heaven! — and you’ve got new chickens too to make it even more special. My garden is pooping out now in time for its summer fallow/green manure season, and I’m seriously jealous. I won’t be planting again until September.

    I’ve wanted chickens and guinea fowl ever since I used to help my grandmother with hers on her farm. Alas, we have very active coyotes, alligators, osprey, and brown-shouldered hawks in the vicinity of in my house, so it doesn’t seem feasible.

  12. Your garden looks wonderful! My patio’s container garden is jealous :) And those chickens – too cute!

  13. I always put flowers in there with my vegetables…yes. Marigolds, borage, nasturtiums, etc. But you can’t see them yet because I planted seeds. Soon, I hope!

  14. Winnie
    I am in love with your chickens. And what a pretty veg garden! Do you put any flowers in there ie marigolds or the like to attract polinators? Just curious.