Early June (2011) Photos: My Garden and Chickens (and Leo)

I didn’t have time to write up a “proper” eco-friendly Friday post this week…my apologies :)

Instead, here are some photos I took over the last few days of my flowers, my kitchen garden, and my chickens. I couldn’t resist throwing in a few of Leo, too.

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16 thoughts on “Early June (2011) Photos: My Garden and Chickens (and Leo)”

  1. I’ve been meaning to drop by to tell you… the husband AGREED to let us have chickens! Starting with three hens. :) Now, all I have to do is research how to build my own coop (or shell out lots of dough to buy one).

    Your garden photos, chickens, and Leo, are all beautiful. Your tomatoes and my tomatoes are also about the same size. Looking forward to comparing notes!


  2. Beautiful! I wish I could have a green thumb like that. Nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up someones day.

    If you check out my blog this morning I had mentioned your name for a little something. ;)

  3. I haven’t been able to take any strawberry pictures because the boy wakes up every morning and says “time to do a fruit check!” and runs outside. Also, my cat died and I have no chickens. But otherwise I have all that stuff.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. What a great way to close out the week and head into the weekend – I hope you have a great one ;)

  5. It is amazing how just a few simple pictures can not just put things into perspective, but also inspire. Thank you Winnie. :)