Early August: Garden and Chicken Update

I’ve shared pictures of my home-grown veggies here and there along with recipes this summer, but I haven’t done a post devoted solely to my garden in some time.

I’ve been taking lots of photos, though, and I’m kind of dying to share them with you! So below you’ll see some of what I’m growing in my garden. You’ll also see how much my new chickens have grown (though we’re still a few months away from any eggs).

ps I sneaked in a few shots of my kitten Leo, too…

cubanelle pepper

kirby cucumber

ripe tomato

lemon cucumber






baby watermelon





white hen

speckled hen




leo yawning

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15 thoughts on “Early August: Garden and Chicken Update”

  1. Oh. That is what I call “ready-to-harvest”! Those beans and those tomatoes are really ready to harvest! actually, get it straight to the pan and that recipe will be the best! Fresh ingredients equals great taste!

  2. I think you should do some harvest now and make a quick and delicious spicy chicken stew! LOL. I love the pepper. Really healthy and smooth as well as the green peas too. you have a complete source for your sou p in your garden! Chicken, peas, peppers, tomatoes and………CAT? LOL. Just kidding. Thanks for the photos. Great photos.

  3. Such wonderful vegetables you have. It just shows how you take care of your garden with such healthy veggies. It sure looks though you still have a few months more before you harvest eggs from your chicken. Do you have a rooster for those hens?

  4. Oh. Yeah! The post is like a complete recipe already. Tomatoes, pepper, beans, chicken….I will get a big pot of stew with those! LOL. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your garden. It inspired me. I love the chickens too!

  5. Winnie, what gorgeous photos! You’re garden seems to be doing really well. We’ve been dealing with way too much rain this year so that pepper made me really jealous. All 20 of my plants are still 3″ tall :( Hopefully next year will be a drier season. Is that a marconi by the way? I miss them!!

  6. My kids look at me funny when I get really super excited as we pass by a beautiful vegetable garden! Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  7. TCA- you could start with growing some plants in containers…?

    Jan- I am just starting to research the different breeds a little more. Chickens are so interesting, aren’t they! How many do you have?

    Danila and Merry Jennifer- Thank you; I really enjoyed taking the pictures…

    Monet- There not much to raising the chickens. They are quite low maintenance, and you’ll love having them. I’d be happy to answer any questions about getting set up.

    That is borage, one of my favorites.

  8. What beautiful variety. I loved seeing your chickens too. My husband and I are planning on raising chickens sometime this Spring…so I will be sure to send you some questions and pleas for advice!

  9. Oh how gorgeous, I absolutely envy you!! I’ve never gardened and can’t imagine where to start in growing my own vegetables here in the desert.