Dreams Do Come True

So…this is really happening!

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Three copies of my book arrived on my doorstep two weeks ago. Holding one in my hands for the first time was more than a little exciting, and proof positive that dreams do come true.

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Years ago, I got it into my head that I wanted to write a book. My idea was to write about how small lifestyle changes can lead to big improvements in health and well being. I had a background in naturopathic medicine, but I had no writing experience (and I certainly did not have a “platform”).

I am very much rooted in reality, so I knew full well this was probably just a crazy dream. I knew the likelihood of ever being published was probably nonexistent. But I am determined, so I set about seeing if there was any way I could make my crazy dream come true.

In 2008, I started a website about health and wellness. Managing it for a year nearly sucked the life out of me and the website itself…IT sucked. I decided to give blogging a try and I shifted my focus to food and recipes. I did not give up on my dream to write a book but I decided it was a cookbook I wanted to write instead.

By the beginning of 2012, I was starting to think it was time to give up on the book writing dream. It’s just not going to happen, I told myself. Some things simply are not meant to be. Right around the same time, I decided to start a series here on the blog called One Simple Change. I figured it was a way for me to put those lifestyle change ideas I’d come up with years earlier to use.

I loved writing One Simple Change. The response from my readers was really positive, and about two months after my first post, I found myself in talks with an editor to write a book based on the series. The rest, as they say, is history. Now my dream has come true, and my book will be out in a couple of months.

The strange thing is this: I have oddly mixed emotions right now. Some days I am elated, but some days I am pretty anxious. Thoughts like What if no one reads my book? or What if lots of people read it, but everyone hates it? creep into my head. I also feel like there are a few parts of the book I might choose to write a bit differently if I had the opportunity to revise them right now.

I’ve read that it’s pretty common for a writer to feel terrified in the months before their book is published, and to long for some sort of “do over”. So I think my feelings are “normal”…that’s comforting…and I’m trying to relax and enjoy the whole process. It’s been tremendously helpful to reflect on something my friend Shauna once told me. It was along the lines of: “Your book is an offering. Your job is to put it out into the world, but you don’t have to be attached to what happens next.” (Forgive me, Shauna, if I’ve butchered your words.)

So I am trying to do that…trying to think of my book as an offering…trying not to be attached to what happens next. Emotional rollercoaster aside, I am immensely proud of what I’ve accomplished and I love how my publisher, Chronicle Books, has packaged the book. I’m really so grateful to everyone who helped me make this happen, including you all: my readers.

I truly hope the book will inspire others to lead happier, healthier lives, and I am pretty thrilled by some of the early reviews:

I absolutely love love love it.

Can’t put it down.

I can really see that it can change my life.

So packed with facts yet easy to understand.

I love the stress and gratitude chapters. I need them.

It is really wonderful.

Ok, so it was my dad who texted all of these comments to me, but still…I am thrilled :)

If you’d like to pre-order the book, you can do so here!

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27 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True”

  1. So incredibly proud and I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I think I told you once that I started drinking water every morning (before coffee) because of the post you did. It is such a little thing, but one that’s made a big difference. Thank you, Winnie! And congrats!

  2. Congratulations, Winnie!! Your book looks lovely and I know that I just loved that series on the blog, so I have no doubt I will love the book, too! But I do understand those feelings. . . I’d say yes, pretty much every book author has them! And I love what Shauna said, too–helps a lot! :D Can’t wait to see One Simple Change.

  3. Winnie, I’m thrilled for you! I absolutely loved the One Simple Change series on your blog and can’t wait to see your book! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations, Winnie. I am thrilled for you. It feels great to hold one’s own book in one’s hands. I am sure it will fly off the shelves. The name will attract people to it.

  5. one step at a time…SLOW…day after day…Can definitely identify with it…Definitely on my reading list. Am so glad to hear that you were able to get it in print. Simplicity and small baby step changes DO change your life. Thanks for writing it and getting the idea around.

  6. Well done Winnie! I hear ya on those feelings of self-doubt. It must be the coolest feeling in the world to finally have your book in your hot little hands! Can’t wait to get a copy once it’s out. All the best xx

  7. Thrilled for you, Winnie! Loved reading your honest thoughts about the process here, too. Courage is scary but it leads to beautiful things. Rooting for you!

  8. Congratulations, Winnie! It must be so surreal to hold your book – here’s to dreams and making them happen! :)

  9. Winnie,

    So happy for you. I have the biggest smile on my face that your journey has taken you here – holding a dream as a reality in your hands. That must be such an incredible feeling. You should feel so proud of this incredible accomplishment. I, for one, can’t wait to hold it in MY hands :)


  10. That’s a big effort so congratulations to you. I’m always looking for new healthy and creative food ideas. Is it available from amazon or directly from your site here?

  11. So happy for you Winnie!! You are such an inspiration to so many. Congratulations for following and achieving your dreams!!

  12. What a great post Winnie. So happy for you that this is almost here. I think any author/artist feels the same roller coaster ride when putting themselves out there. Hey, even though I’ve been doing massage for a LONG time, I still think what if this person doesn’t like it, sometimes. You can’t please everyone and we all find our following of the people who fit with us well. And heck, I think you’ve got plenty of that already! Best of luck with it! I’m excited for it to come out.

  13. Oh, Winnie, I am so thrilled for you, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. Here’s to dreams coming true, and all that comes after. :)

  14. Congratulations! I think the advice to see at as an offering applies to all of our ventures in life, and was helpful for me to hear today. I also loved that you included your Dad’s comments.