Cold and Flu Remedies

Fall is upon us here in the New York. As I write this, it is cool, raining and miserable outside. It won’t be too long before the really cold weather sets in, so now is the time to think about staying healthy this winter. These all-natural cold and flu remedies should speed along your recovery … Read more

Homemade Toothpowder Recipe

Homemade Toothpowder | Healthy Green Kitchen

Make homemade toothpowder as an alternative to commercial toothpastes that contain synthetic chemicals and unhealthy sweeteners. I was pleasantly surprised by the results when I made this homemade toothpowder recipe. The ingredients are inexpensive, it took less than a minute to put together, and I have enough to last me a long time. Best of … Read more

Herbal Honey with Lemon Balm and Ginger

Honey is an amazing creation and I adore these honey home remedies. So much work on the bees’ part goes into producing honey- it is such a delicious treat that also happens to have lots of healing benefits! Honey appears to have anti-viral, anti-antibiotic, and anti-fungal properties. Honey can also be a very effective treatment … Read more

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is one of my favorite forms of natural medicine. Even though I have been studying herbal medicine for years, I always feel there is still so much to learn about this fascinating subject. You can learn about herbs from books and formal schooling, of course, and there are many websites with fantastic information. … Read more

Rose Petal Elixir

This is a lovely recipe that comes from herbalist Kiva Rose. This is a simple home remedy preparation that is excellent for sore throat, as well as other types of inflammation, including digestive inflammation. This rose petal elixir is also a good remedy for heart palpitations and other cardiac issues. This elixir can also be … Read more