King Arthur Flour Blog and Bake Recap

I recently spent 3 days up at King Arthur Flour‘s Baking Education Center in Norwich, Vermont. The occasion? KAF’s 2nd annual Blog and Bake event. When I received my invitation to visit KAF, I knew immediately that I wanted to go. You see, I don’t really consider myself a great baker. Sure I like to … Read more

Slow Cooker Moroccan Red Lentil Soup with Harissa

moroccan lentil soup

Dear Brandy, It’s your birthday, and as you’ve probably gathered, a few of us “got together” to throw you a virtual bash. It was my job to make the soup course. I thought it would be fun to cook a Moroccan lentil soup, since that’s what we ate when we had lunch together in December. … Read more

Recipe Round Up for Weekend Herb Blogging #303

This past week I hosted the 303rd edition of Weekend Herb Blogging. It’s always such a delight to be the host of WHB, and here are the lovely submissions I received. Katherine Martinelli used chickpeas in a new-to-her way in this beautiful dish of Roasted Chickpeas with Feta and Mint. Katherine lives in Israel and … Read more

#A Fund For Jennie: Time to Help One Of Our Own

If you’ve been near the internet lately, you likely know that my friend Jennie Perillo, a talented cook and food writer and a devoted mom and wife, lost her husband Mikey to a heart attack 2 1/2 weeks ago. Mikey’s death was sudden and life-shattering. Absolutely devastating. If you haven’t heard her story, you should … Read more

A Pie For Mikey

My friend Jennie’s husband died suddenly last Sunday. Mikey loved peanut butter cream pie, and Jennie asked us to make it in his honor today. I used Jennie’s recipe, but in order to accommodate the various food needs of the crowd I’ll be eating with tonight, I used gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies, gluten-free chocolate, and … Read more