Brunch at Carluccio’s (Bluewater) {Review}

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Discover Carluccio’s Bluewater brunch through this review, highlighting Italian-inspired delights and a charming ambiance.

Carluccio's brunch

Brunch, brinner, why are the mashed-up meals always the best ones?

During our first year of marriage, we spent most of our time apart.

Ben had a job that kept him abroad in Basel 5 days a week, while I carried on working in London.

He would fly back on Friday nights, and we would have time together until 5am Monday morning when he had to leave again.

Those weekend days were often crammed full of chores and family visits (which we loved), but not too much quality alone time.

However, we would always keep one time sacred for ourselves – almost every Saturday morning we would get up early and head to Carluccio’s for brunch.

For us, this place became special, and more than just for the amazing food.

It was such a happy, friendly place. The staff are fantastic, and week on week would chat with us and get to know us.

The classical music gently playing in the background and the smell of authentic Italian food was the best way to start the day and the weekend.

In a time when we hardly had any time for each other, I really valued this time and this place.

Close up view of Carluccio's coffee.

Now onto the actual food. Carluccio’s boasts a full breakfast menu, ranging from a full “Magnifica” to eggs benedict, eggs florentine, and even pancakes.

In between this are muesli, yogurt, and traditional breads and pastries.

The hardest part is choosing! I’ve tried most of the vegetarian options on the menu, and my favorite and go-to are the “Uova E Funghi”.

The eggs are scrambled to perfection, seasoned with the right amount of fresh parsley, and served alongside wild mushrooms with so much flavor and texture it’s unreal, all on top of a slice of traditional Italian bread with a light coat of olive oil.

The only downside of having SUCH a favorite is that I don’t know what else to order!

Carluccio's brunch

The coffee comes in rich or smooth, and both are equally perfect wake-up calls.

They also have a large range of juices, including some less common flavors such as pear, peach, and pink grapefruit.

You have the choice of sitting inside or outside the restaurant, and whilst the outside part is actually still inside the building, because of the shopping Centre’s large windows, it is a light, airy place away from the crowded shops.

The inside is bright, with a large mirrored wall which makes the whole restaurant feel more open.

The other side of the restaurant is taken up with a beautiful shop and Italian deli, so good luck trying to stop yourself from picking up treats for later!

Carluccio's brunch - Scrambled egg on top of the toasted bread with mushroom on the sides.

Overall I would highly recommend Carluccio’s for the breakfast menu.

Their prices are reasonable for food that is definitely above average for a chain restaurant.

The atmosphere is what really makes this place extra special for me, so if you find yourself near Carluccio’s around brunch time… definitely go!

This post is not sponsored in any way, all opinions are my own!

Images by Lauren Caris Short.

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  1. Reading your article was like being there. We love this branch of Carluccio’s for the same reasons and we hope your post is picked up by the waiters and chefs to know how much they are appreciated. Xx