Blood Orange, Papaya, and Dark Cherry Smoothie

We went to the Dominican Republic back in December and boy am I missing it right now. The beach was so, so beautiful and the weather was perfect. And the fruit! The mangoes, papayas, etc. were really delicious. I drank their juices and ate plates of them every day.

Ever since I got home, I have been buying papaya at the market because I enjoy it so much. While I love a few slices with my breakfast, I’ve also discovered it’s great in smoothies. One of my new favorites is this one with fresh squeezed blood orange juice, papaya chunks, and frozen dark sweet cherries.

Blood Orange, Papaya, and Cherry Smoothie from @winnieab//

I made this smoothie last week hoping to share it with you on Valentine’s Day. But there’s really no reason to relegate this dark red beauty of a smoothie to a holiday! It’s a wonderful winter treat you can enjoy any time.

Blood Orange, Papaya, and Cherry Smoothie from @winnieab//

You don’t have to use blood orange juice; You can absolutely use the juice of any type of oranges. Don’t use bottled orange juice if you can help it, though…it won’t be nearly as good if you do. I’ve also made a version of this without the frozen cherries and I like that one, too, but the cherries add great flavor and a powerful punch of nutrients so I strongly recommend them.

Feel free to change up this smoothie by adding some more fruit such as banana and/or pineapple, greens, yogurt, protein powder, etc.

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Blood Orange, Papaya, and Cherry Smoothie from @winnieab//

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Recipe for Blood Orange, Papaya, and Dark Cherry Smoothie

Servings: 1 serving


  • *1 cup fresh squeezed blood orange juice or use the juice from any type of oranges
  • *1 cup cubed fresh or frozen papaya
  • *1 cup fresh or frozen pitted dark sweet cherries I used frozen


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender (use a high speed blender if using mostly frozen ingredients) and process until smooth. Thin with water or add ice and blend again to reach a consistency you enjoy, if desired.

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5 thoughts on “Blood Orange, Papaya, and Dark Cherry Smoothie”

  1. Winnie, love these bright and nutritious ingredients – makes for a beautiful smoothie. For added nutrition, would you recommend adding some seeds to the smoothie, such as chia seeds or flax seeds? xo

    • Hi Phoebe!
      I used to add all sorts of things to my smoothies but lately I just like to enjoy the fruity goodness. That said, you could definitely add seeds, greens, or a number of other things to boost the nutrition :)

  2. I just go back from Maui, where I was eating fresh pineapple, papaya, limes and bananas all day. Now I am buying them from the grocery store because I can’t get enough. This looks like a lovely way to use the fruit up.