Blood Orange Gin and Tonic

Lauren Caris Short

By Lauren Caris Short

I clearly remember the first gin and tonic I had. I was on tour with a band I was playing in (a pantomime band, before you start assuming that I’m cool), sitting in a bar in Nottingham with a bunch of friends who were all ordering Gin and Tonic’s. I casually mentioned that I’d never had one, and you would not believe the shock from them, that at the age of 21 I had not had a gin and tonic like… ever? So that was how I came about trying my first one, and since that moment it’s pretty much been my signature drink.

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic - Lauren Caris Cooks

I just love the subtle citrus taste that comes from the gin and the tonic water. Add in a slice of cucumber and lime cordial and you have a real winner. Whatever the time of year, this drink will transport you to a Summer’s day. And lets face it, I feel like a grown up when I’m drinking a Gin and Tonic!

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic - Lauren Caris Cooks

So how can this old favourite be improved? I think the word improved is misplaced here, I don’t think you can improve such a classic which stands so well on it’s own. I have simply given it a twist. I have absolutely LOVED experimenting with blood oranges this year – we’ve gone from toffees, to meringue pies, and now to a drink. This fruit is SO versatile it’s unreal.

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic - Lauren Caris Cooks

The juice of the blood orange makes this cocktail just a little bitter and the most vibrant shade of pinky-red. It’s definitely a show stopper!

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic - Lauren Caris Cooks

Best served over ice and enjoyed with lots of friends!

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic


Tonic Water
1 Freshly Squeezed Blood Orange
1 Lime
Ice Cubes


1. Fill your glasses with ice cubes. Put the gin and the blood orange juice in first and top up with tonic water. Finish with a squeeze of lime juice and a lime wedge.

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Images by Lauren Caris Short.

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  1. I love this idea! Blood orange drinks are so tasty, I bet it’s great with gin. Where did you get that tiny bottle of gin from? The label looks so different, its amazing!

    • Thanks! The gin is quite a common brand we get here in Europe – mini bottles are also pretty easy to get hold of :) Thanks for the comment!