Black Raspberry, Walnut, and Honey Rosewater Yogurt Parfaits

Just a few strides from my back door, there are sundry treasures growing in the woods. As is my custom early every summer, I recently went looking for black raspberries.

black raspberries

Wild black raspberries (also known as “blackcaps”) are quite seedy, but they’re a wonderful treat; if you can find some in your ‘hood (“the East Coast to the Rockies, but not in the deep South” according to Wildman Steve Brill), you are lucky indeed. But you’d better hurry: you’re competing not just against a short season (about 3 weeks), but the birds who love them dearly, as well.

Sadly, “my” wild black raspberries disappeared before I could gather more than a few handfuls (thanks to said birds). So I’m thinking about transplanting some of the canes to my garden (here’s how); my plan is to cover them with bird netting, so that I can actually enjoy a whole bunch of them next summer and beyond.

But that’s a long way off, so I was ecstatic to find these pretties at The New Paltz Farmer’s Market this weekend :)

wild black raspberries

These berries were so tasty! I flirted with the idea of baking with them, but decided I really just wanted to enjoy them raw. So I put them into this parfait which I ate as a protein, anti-oxidant, and healthy fat-packed afternoon snack (and for breakfast a few times this week, too).

recipe with black raspberries

I don’t usually sweeten my plain yogurt when I eat it with fruit, but I mixed in some homemade honey rosewater “syrup” (inspired by the book Edible Cocktails) here because black raspberries are a bit tart. I also figured the subtle flavor of the rosewater would play nicely with the walnuts: I think I was right.

If you can’t find black raspberries, go ahead and substitute any other berry that you like, or use your imagination with the fruit and nuts that you add. If you don’t eat dairy, you can try this with coconut milk yogurt.

Double everything and add additional layers for a bigger, prettier, parfait.

[cft format=0]

On a separate note, isn’t it cool how the same blue background looks completely different in each photo here just because of where I was standing in relation to the light? I really love making photos :)

black raspberry parfait

More fun with black raspberries:

Wild black raspberry info from Local Kitchen
Very small batch wild blackberry jam from Food in Jars
Black Raspberry and Vanilla Ice Cream from Naturally Ella

Disclosure: California Walnuts generously sent me the walnuts that I used in this recipe. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Recipe for Black Raspberry, Walnut, and Honey Rosewater Yogurt Parfaits

Honey rosewater syrup is easy to make: just heat 1/2 cup of a light local honey with 1/2 cup of rosewater for a minute or so, give it a good stir, then transfer to a glass jar and cap tightly. Use to sweeten/flavor plain yogurt, tea, pour over vanilla ice cream, drizzle into sparkling water, mocktails, or cocktails...have fun with it!
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Servings: 1 parfait


  • *1/2 cup plain yogurt I used Cabot Greek-style plain yogurt
  • *1-2 teaspoons or more to taste honey rosewater "syrup" (instructions above in the headnote), or use plain honey or maple syrup instead
  • *ripe black raspberries rinsed, dried and "picked over"- as many as you want
  • *handful or more of chopped walnuts


  • 1. In a small bowl, mix the honey rosewater syrup into the yogurt. Spoon into serving dish, and top with the berries and the walnuts. Drizzle additional syrup on top, if you like.

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12 thoughts on “Black Raspberry, Walnut, and Honey Rosewater Yogurt Parfaits”

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  2. Lovely recipe, Winnie. A word of warning: we covered our raspberry bushes with bird netting this year and I had to cut out a chipmunk who had gotten tangled and was strangling horribly! We decided to treat the critters to our berries until we can come up with a safer solution…

  3. Beautiful shots, Winnie. I haven’t seen a black raspberry since I left PA to go to college but I can still taste the black raspberry ice cream we would enjoy as kids…

  4. This sounds just perfect. I love the combination of the tart black raspberries with the honey rosewater syrup too, I’m definitely going to steal that idea!

  5. Winnie, these looks & sound amazing! I’ll confess to be jealous that you have these blackcaps just outside your door. My family has a number of blueberry bushes that we can pick from each summer… but they’re on a farm nearly 5 hours away… so you can imagine the frequency with which we make it there to pick :)

    And on behalf of our farm families at Cabot, thanks so much for the Greek yogurt mention!

  6. I love your honey rosewater! What a wonderful idea – and perfect in yogurt :-) Hope you’re having a lovely summery, Winnie!

  7. this looks delicious and refreshing. i’ve been on a yogurt kick this summer so far, and it’s been wonderful! i’m thinking about trying to make my own yogurt soon.