Big Summer Potluck 2 Recap

Over the weekend, I attended the second annual Big Summer Potluck.

What a weekend it was: a time to learn, to talk, to listen, to connect, to share, to be inspired, to eat, to relax, to laugh, and to cry.

And to hug for at least 8 seconds.

Maybe it should be re-named The Big Summer Blogger Love Fest? It was just lovely in each and every way.

Special thanks to:

Erika and Maggy: your hard work and dedication to making this event so wonderful is appreciated so very much.

Shauna and Penny: your talents are astounding; thank you for your willingness to share your experiences in such a beautiful way.

Justin and Pam: hearing each of your perspectives during your talk together was fascinating and very timely for me. Additional thanks to Justin for providing the after-party locale on Saturday night and additional thanks to Pam for opening up your stunning home to us on Friday and Sunday (plus I also must mention that you cook and sling a mean paella).

-All the attendees: you’re a very special group and I enjoyed spending time with you so much.

-Our incredibly generous and awesome sponsors:

Kerrygold USA
Pop Chips
Green Valley Organic
Green Mountain Coffee
Kitchen Aid USA

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13 thoughts on “Big Summer Potluck 2 Recap”

  1. Beautiful photos Winnie! Love all the “moments” you captured! Really appreciate your allowing yourself to be vulnerable with us — very courageous and powerful. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! XXOOJAX

  2. A beautiful recap both visually and in words, Winnie. SO glad you took such wonderful feelings and vibes away from BSP – sounds like it was a little does of what everyone needed. If only it had been a month earlier. But as I said to Cathy on Sunday – “seriously – cannot complain” given where WE were instead ;) Thanks for letting me live a little vicariously through yous post!

  3. Beautiful photos! When you first shared your feelings during Penny’s talk, I was really moved by some of your words since I felt the same way many, many times. Thanks again for your recap.

  4. Such a lovely recap Winnie! *sniff* you are so right, it was a love fest!

    I am so happy to have met you…you are a beautiful, sparkly soul with a genuine heart. Hope to get to spend more time with you sometime soon!

  5. Beautiful images! What a perfect capture of that weekend. it was lovely to connect more with you. xox times 8 seconds.

  6. It was so great to see you again and thank you for opening up during one of the sessions. It was very courageous of you. I was touched as I also shared your feelings. I love that you captured the essence of the event with your pictures. All about the people and everyone was amazing in their own way. Thanks for the lovely recap!

  7. I am so glad I came across the link to this post on Twitter! This looks like lots of fun, and oh my goodness, is that a paella I spotted above?

  8. Lovely recap, Winnie! I just loved seeing the event through your eyes (and your lens!). It was a pleasure to see you again, and I am looking forward to the next time our paths cross.