A Weekend in NYC

I spent this past Friday-Sunday in NYC. I was there to take a food photography and styling class at ICE (the Institute of Culinary Education), which I enjoyed very much. On Saturday morning, I got to spend a little time at the Union Square Greenmarket. It was a beautiful spring day and everyone and everything there inspired me: here are some of the photos I took.



flowers 1







orange flowers_



jam stand_

radish flowers

flowers 3

Other highlights of my weekend were wandering around the Columbus Circle Whole Foods and picking up some divine rose-flavored marshmallows, a little shopping at my favorite store (Athleta), and dinner in Brooklyn with the fabulous Olga and her husband Andrew.

While it was definitely great to have some time to myself, I was (of course!) excited to come home and see my family. When I did, I was more than a little surprised to find that my husband had spent lots of time deep cleaning our kitchen while I was gone. He’s a keeper, that one.

Bloggers I loved meeting at the class:
Kristin from What to Feed Your Kids
Carole of Heirloom Meals
Jessica of Feed Me Dearly

Our fabulous instructors:
James Peterson
Jamie Tiampo
Jennifer Jung

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13 thoughts on “A Weekend in NYC”

  1. Amazing! I’m heading to NYC for a study abroad term this August, and this post definitely rekindles my excitement for all the foodie adventures there.

  2. I must have just missed you at the market Saturday morning, Winnie! So nice to see the greenmarket through another person’s lens :)

  3. What AMAZING photos! And what a fun weekend. Well, the post above is hoping for a picture o the rose flavored marshmallows so I hope you will post! I still am pinching myself about that PRE setting on the camera. And I will let you know when the canvas table runner arrives if it the same one. Happy to hear your kitchen was shiny and clean–what a nice surprise.

  4. Wow , I didn’t know there was such a thing ,rose-flavored marshmallows! It sounds delicious! I wish you took a photo of it too!

  5. Winne, the photos are gorgeous! It must have been wonderful to meet Olga, I do admire her from afar :) I would love to go to a photography class, someday soon I hope! So glad you had a wonderful time.

  6. Lovely – I especially love the Berkshire berries – grew up in MA and used to pick blueberries every summer on Mt. Greylock. One of my favorite memories.

  7. Winnie, your pictures from this weekend are beautiful. I should have had you instructing me one-on-one! Hope your photography breakthrough continues to move you in the right direction…looking forward to seeing how your pictures evolve.