A Lovely Morning at Lagusta’s Luscious

In the interest of promoting a balanced diet, I am following up Friday’s post about juicing with one about chocolate :)

But not just any chocolate.

Lagusta's Luscious

Lagusta’s Luscious is a relatively new (and extremely charming!) sweet shop here in New Paltz, NY.

I first wandered in to check it out a few months ago. The owner- Lagusta Yearwood- invited me to come back, sample chocolates, and take photos anytime.

I took her up on this offer last week; I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed spending some time with her at the shop, and how much I admire Lagusta (who’s in the orange apron below) and her crew for their hard work and dedication to creating this beautiful business featuring foods made from local, fairly traded, equitably priced, and ethically sourced ingredients.

Lagusta has crazy talent for creating pretty treats with amazing flavors…check out these pomegranate truffles topped with a rose petals…

lagusta's truffles

…as well as her barks…

chocolate barks


and everything else she makes.

Lagusta’s treats also happen to be organic, fair-trade, and vegan, but she doesn’t go around “shouting” about that since she wants people to love her products just because they taste great.

I tried her Smoky Corn on the Cob chocolate bar (which features sage, sea salt, pepper and paprika), her Matzoh Toffee, her dark chocolate dipped blood orange slices, and her seasonal truffle assortment (my favorite was the sublime Ginger Orange Flower Water truffle). All. Freaking. Fabulous.

Lagusta also makes her own fermented foods, and she sells these at the shop.

Homemade miso, tempeh, and vinegar? Be still my heart.

So if you should find yourself anywhere in the area any time soon, you really must visit this mecca of deliciousness (at 25 North Front Street, New Paltz, NY 12561). But don’t fret if you can’t get to the shop in person: Lagusta’s got a mail order business and would be happy to ship you something!

Once again: thank you to the Lagusta’s Luscious crew (from the left below: Casey Ray, Maresa Volante, Lagusta Yearwood, and Jacob Feinberg-Pyne) for letting me poke around and for all of the tasty treats!

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9 thoughts on “A Lovely Morning at Lagusta’s Luscious”

  1. The order of names for the last picture is incorrect. From the left: Maresa Volante, Casey Rae, Lagusta and Jacob. Otherwise, lovely article!

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  3. After a few minutes of sober reflection, I think it’s just as well this place is 1000 miles away after all! Thanks for sharing though! :)

  4. wow, such a great shop! i would go absolutely nuts in there, will have to visit next time i’m in the area for a hike around Minnewaska!