A Bowl Of…

If you don’t like photos of cats doing cute things, I suggest you click away right now.

Still here?

This is Leo.

He likes to hang out in a bowl on a bookshelf in my living room.

Wait. Is he sticking his tongue out at me?

He spends lots of time in the bowl.

He sleeps.

He stares out the window.

He just, well, he just sits there looking cute.

He makes me smile.

And I hope he made you smile today, too.

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34 thoughts on “A Bowl Of…”

  1. we have a Sparky just like your Leo – makes us laugh all. the. time. Sparky is a Maine Coon and weighs about 20lbs – he’s a pill most of the time and a snuggler only on his terms. Leo is awesome!

  2. Cats are weird and wonderful creatures. I have 2 and they never cease to elicit “awww” moments from me. Leo looks like quite the majestic sweetie.

  3. He’s ridiculously cute, I love that he’s found his bed and he’s sticking to it even if he spills out of it at times.

  4. He is wonderful! Reminds me of my kitty, Chaos. He has the same face, but is short haired. And probably weighs about 20 pounds! Thanks for a big smile to start my day!

  5. He is so absolutely adorable I can hardly stand it. I actually love the fact that he is in the bowl as my ancient furry orange guy likes to do similar things but on my laptop and mouse. While I’m working. Maybe I need to get him his own bowl.

    • OMG they look exactly alike but your kitty has more white on the chin! I love the photo in the garbage bag…Leo would totally do that!

  6. That tongue-out behavior is something my male cat does when he is totally relaxed/sleeping…Love Leo and your photos!

  7. Leo ALWAYS makes me smile. He has some VERY similar habits and poses to his long distance girlfriend, Cleo. She also has her tongue out, often. We wonder what she is thinking. Perhaps best not to ;-)