2012 Resolutions/Goals and Trop50 Review

I don’t drink (and don’t allow my kids to drink) much bottled juice. This is because we mostly opt for eating whole fruits and veggies instead (and because I like to make fresh juice with my juicer). That said, when the opportunity to review Tropicana’s new “Trop50” juice beverage came up, I said yes. Why? Because one of my goals for the year 2012 is to be more “open”: more open to new experiences, new friends, new foods…new everything.

So I tried Trop50 with an open mind and really liked it a lot.

When we do drink juices in my home, we dilute pretty much everything with still or bubbly water, and that’s what we did with Trop50. On it’s own, it’s got 50% of the sugar (it’s sweetened with Reb A, a stevia derivative) and calories of regular orange juice, so when mixed with water, it’s got even less of both. I liked the orange juice beverage enough to buy it again (I like mixing it with bubbly water and adding some sliced clementines); my kids really liked the raspberry lemonade.

Want to see a few more of my 2012 resolutions/goals? I jotted these down on New Year’s Day, and while I was going to keep them to myself, I have decided to share them here, completely unedited (eek!):

Act like a professional. Treat blog as business, not hobby.
Finish/polish book proposal
Pitch story ideas to magazines
Consider finding sponsors for blog
Sponsored posts: no more than 1-2 month. Consider whether each and every one belongs on my blog…
Revisit recipes from QG/try memoir-esque style
Get more active in my community’s food scene
try to attend:
-NYC Cookbook Conference
-IACP conference in NYC
-Big Summer Potluck 3
Learn photoshop
Food and portrait photography- practice!
Hiatus on buying anything photography-related (use what I have)
Be more efficient in everything I do

Exercise consistently. At least 4 days/wk
Be more organized
Be on time
Be a nice person/don’t gossip
Be a better friend
Be better to my parents
Be more patient
Don’t yell
Promote kids’ self sufficiency
Make cheese at home
Bake more bread
Be a neater gardener
Turn heat down
Always use my own mug when getting coffee/tea out
Always bring own bags
Dry clothes outside more often
Read more fiction
Learn to dance

How about you? Did you make resolutions or goals? Feel free to share one or more of them in the comments section, if you did.

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13 thoughts on “2012 Resolutions/Goals and Trop50 Review”

  1. Hmmmm. That’s a long list, Winnie! As a fellow strive-to-overachiever, I give you full permission to pick one thing of each list to achieve this year. Dancing is a good start, on the path to joy.

  2. Can I borrow a few of your goals for myself? Great list, I’m already registered for the cookbook conference hope to see you there.

  3. Best wishes for achieving all of these wonderful and well thought out goals. I know you will achieve them and most likely be doing a post about your success with them at the end of 2012. Looking forward to it!

  4. I love how you’re owning your resolutions by writing them down in a public place. So many of them could apply to me too. Treat my blog as a business; exercise consistently; make cheese at home; and be a better friend probably speak the loudest to me (not necessarily in that order :-)). But for now I’m just focusing on one ‘intention’: return to spirit, and exploring all that can mean to me. First step, I’m meditating and journaling every day again, the latter of which fulfills another of my unofficial intentions-to write everyday. Happy New Year, Winnie!

  5. Best Wishes on all your resolutions! Had to laugh at the list; many of us share those aspirations. Reminds one to look into the mirror! :-D!

  6. I love your resolutions! Reading them has me feeling like a slacker ;)

    I also love your comments on the watered down juice. My grandmother watered down our orange juice when my sibs + I were young. As a matter of fact, she always had Tropicana in her fridge. She was concerned about all the calories we were drinking on our stops over to her house after school…so she started watering it down.
    Actually pretty forward thinking for those times! [yes, I’m old enough that it was many years ago!]
    Because of her I’ve always done the same with my kids and turned them on to “bubbly” water [we call it that too:)] at a young age. They’re better off not knowing that soda even exists – until I have no choice that is!

  7. I love seeing other people’s resolutions. I can relate to so many of yours. Become a better photographer and learn photoshop are at the top of my blogging goals.
    One of my personal goals with my partner is to get out in our new city (Sydney, Australia) more. We spend a lot of time in our neighborhood, which we love but we have agreed once a month to plan something in another suburb that we want to see, do or eat.
    I also would like to cook more of my Dad’s seafood recipes – he’s a fisherman and one of the best cooks I know!

  8. I love the first goal you listed on your work section and the last on your personal section. I think I need to adapt the same attitude with my blog also. I love your last goal simply because I love to dance and one of my goals this year is to take more dance lessons. Wish you all the best, and I”m sure you’ll accomplish all you wish for. xoxo

  9. So many of my goals are similar Winnie. Love your list and always love comig and visiting your space here. Happy New Year and I wish you all the best in 2012.

  10. Do you have a link for Big Summer Potluck3? If it is in Bethlehem, PA again that is my hometown. Might like to attend. Thanks and love your resolutions and self-challenges.

  11. I used to drink a lot of juice but I’ve really gone off it now especially if it’s not diluted. I just find it far too sweet and cloying – this juice, however, sounds much nicer. I hope they bring it our over here soon!

    Good luck with your goals too, they are so worthwhile and I wish you every success with them!

  12. I love your work goals all listed out. Would you help me organize mine, please?:) I have to try Tropicana’s new juice. I bet it’s wonderful!:)