For my first Healthy Green Kitchen recipe post, I figured it would be appropriate to write about “greens”.

My kids are super busy in the evenings these days and it’s an unfortunate fact of life that sit-down dinners just do not happen much during the week.

When I got home from my son’s baseball game after 8 last night, I was starving and needed to make something fast. There wasn’t much in the fridge to work with but I managed to come up with this yummy and super healthy eggs and greens dish. Dark leafy greens contain a ton of minerals including calcium…it’s wonderful to include them in the diet as often as possible.

Eggs and Greens With Ramps and Cilantro


*1 Tb. organic coconut oil
*1 large bunch of greens, chopped (I used organic broccoli rabe; you could use kale, collards, mustard greens, etc...any seasonal greens that you enjoy will work beautifully)
*1 bunch of ramps (wild leeks only available in the Spring; if unavailable, you can substitute a combination of some garlic and green onion instead), chopped
*1 bunch of cilantro, chopped
*2 eggs, preferably organic and free-range


1. In a heavy skillet, melt the coconut oil. Add chopped greens, ramps and cilantro and cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Add water to the pan (and stir your greens around frequently) to prevent burning. Turn the heat off and crack two eggs over the greens. Stir everything around until the eggs are cooked through.

2. Remove from heat to your serving dish. If you like spicy foods, you can mix in a little Thai garlic sauce--it contains a little sugar but it's very flavorful. Serves 1-2 (you can stretch the serving size by adding more eggs and serving over quinoa, brown rice, or rice noodles.

Introducing…Healthy Green Kitchen!

Welcome to my new blog–Healthy Green Kitchen!!!

It’s hard for me to believe, but it’s been one year since I started building my website: Healthy Green Lifestyle.

I have enjoyed building the site. I’ve been able to share healthy lifestyle and green living information while learning about web design, html, css, photoshop and a lot of other “techie stuff” I used to know nothing about.

But it has also been frustrating! I have spent far more time working on the design aspects of the site than I ever imagined I would… it’s hard for me to live the “healthy green lifestyle” to the fullest extent when I’m spending countless hours and hours in front of my computer tinkering with my style sheet.

Before I started the site, I was torn about whether to start a recipe blog or an overall “healthy lifestyle” website. The second option won out, obviously, but all along, I hoped I’d be able to do a dedicated recipe blog someday, as well.

So here I am…I am going to do a few more updates to the main site (little stuff like changing the header to match the one I created for the blog), but them I’m going to leave it to just “be”, and I am going to focus on creating new recipes and sharing them on this blog.

It took me a few days to settle on a template (I decided on “Thesis” and I love it so far), and I’m still learning the ropes here at WordPress in terms of getting my page to look exactly as I’d like, so bear with me as I transition to the world of blogging!