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Fresh Fig and Blackberry Tart

I love tarts and pies but I hate making crusts. I find typical pie crusts difficult to get right, and even if a crust made with all natural fats and organic ingredients won’t really harm you, it’s not exactly health enhancing either.

One type of crust that I really enjoy making and eating, though, is a pie crust made from nuts. This is a trick I learned from the raw foodies out there. Crushing nuts in a blender gives you a flavorful and nutritious flour alternative that works great for healthy raw fruit desserts like this fresh fig and blackberry tart. It’s also a great pie crust alternative for those who eat gluten-free.

Raw Fig and Blackberry Tart from Healthy Green Kitchen

This is a raw vegan dessert, but it is delicious enough to serve to people of all dietary persuasions! It is also healthy enough to eat for breakfast…

I haven’t tried the raw fruit tart with other fruits, but you can feel free to experiment, if you like. Try other varieties of seasonal berries or stone fruits: whatever you enjoy. I think it would also be good with sliced apples (in fact here’s a recipe for raw food chef Annie Phyo’s raw apple pie, which I’m sure I’ll try this fall).

If it doesn’t matter to you that the tart is completely raw/vegan, you can substitute another sweetener for the agave; try honey, maple syrup, or organic (white or brown) sugar. You may want to add more (or less) sweetener depending on how ripe your fruits are.

You can use any type of nut to make the crust: I’ve had success with walnuts and pecans in the past.
The crust can be crumbly, so it can be a little challenging to keep the integrity of each slice when serving; chilling the crust in the freezer for 30-60 minutes before filling/serving can be helpful.

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