orange and beet salad

This has been one of the strangest winters I can remember. We’re in the third week of January and I’ve yet to see a single snowflake drop from the sky around here.

My kids aren’t exactly thrilled with the situation, but in addition to not having to shovel and navigate treacherous roads, a benefit of the lack of snow for me has been the continued ability to harvest lettuces from my garden.

winter lettuces

I’m not sure what kind of lettuces these are, exactly, but they’re hearty enough to withstand the chilly temperatures we’ve been having and I am very impressed. Next fall, I’m planting tons more.

This is a salad I made a few times this past week after bringing home some organic Cara Cara oranges from my local natural foods market.

cara cara oranges

I also decided to layer in some raw Chioggia beet, which I sliced paper thin on a mandoline…chunks of roasted beet would also be tasty.

Chioggia beets

The scattering of cilantro made me happy, but mint or parsley could certainly be used instead.

cilantro in salad

I love the small amount of creamy, salty goat cheese on top, but if you’re vegan or just don’t like goat cheese (I don’t get you, but I won’t judge), you can certainly leave it out.

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beet salad with goat cheese

More citrus salads I’d like to eat:

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  1. 1

    Bev Weidner — January 16, 2012 @ 5:19 pm

    This saaaaaaaalad. Oh, Winnie. How do you do it?

  2. 2

    merry jennifer — January 16, 2012 @ 5:23 pm

    Such beautiful colors in that salad. I’ve never had raw beets, but I love roasted ones. How does the flavor of a raw beet compare to roasted?

  3. 3

    T — January 16, 2012 @ 5:24 pm

    Brilliant! Your work is an inspiration Winnie. Much gratitude always!

  4. 4

    LiztheChef — January 16, 2012 @ 5:59 pm

    A lovely salad – so happy your winter is mild. I remember last year –

  5. 5

    Paula — January 16, 2012 @ 6:15 pm

    Gorgeous looking salad and I can’t believe that you haven’t received any snow yet! Great news for your garden and what a hearty lettuce you produced! Maybe you should call it wintergreen :)

  6. 6

    Jennifer and Jaclyn @ sketch-free vegan — January 16, 2012 @ 7:39 pm

    amaaaazing! So winter-y.

  7. 7

    Christine @ Fresh Local and Best — January 16, 2012 @ 7:57 pm

    This is such a beautiful, bright and lovely salad. I like the addition of cara cara oranges which are at their prime right now.

  8. 8

    Anna @ the shady pine — January 16, 2012 @ 9:30 pm

    This is such a happy looking salad….my eyes just want to eat it up!

  9. 9

    Amy (Savory Moments) — January 17, 2012 @ 6:50 am

    What a colorful and bright winter salad!

  10. 10

    Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray — January 17, 2012 @ 8:00 am

    This looks delicious! I’ve been on a huge cilantro kick lately. My love of goat cheese is still developing…but I’m sure I’ll get there :)

  11. 11

    Lisa (This Little Piggy) — January 17, 2012 @ 8:18 pm

    So pretty and fresh looking. I too have winter greens – amazing!

  12. 12

    Aileen — January 17, 2012 @ 9:16 pm

    Very nicely done…and it sure is a very healthy salad :-)

  13. 13

    Jamie — January 19, 2012 @ 5:36 am

    Every winter I beg and pray for snow… but, alas, the snow gods barely register my prayers. Oh well, a girl can try. And I have never heard of cara cara oranges and have yet to see one of these lovely beets at my market…but what a great combo. With the cilantro and goat cheese (both favorites) this is the perfect salad and ideal for a winter lunch.

  14. 14

    Bunkycooks — January 19, 2012 @ 10:39 am

    The colors are so pretty in this salad! Color also means healthy, so you have a winner on all counts with this one. It looks delicious!

  15. 15

    Oui, Chef — January 19, 2012 @ 1:19 pm

    This is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, and I bet it tastes even better than it looks!

  16. 16

    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen — January 19, 2012 @ 8:51 pm

    I love those beautiful beets, what a nice colorful salad.

  17. 17

    Austin — January 22, 2012 @ 3:32 pm

    Have you ever studied aryuveda? They believe in eating your fruits and veggies desperate, I was just wondering whats your take on that?

  18. 18

    Aggie — January 28, 2012 @ 8:48 am

    What an absolutely beautiful salad!! love those beets! I’ve been enjoying a lot of citrus this week…a big bowl of grapefruit, oranges, clementines…so good. I have to see if my store has any cara caras…

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