I recently came to the conclusion that I am a bit obsessed with smoothies! Smoothies are just so easy to make and so easy to pack with good nutrition– plus my kids love them so I make them for breakfast and/or snacks just about every day.

I often make my smoothies dairy-free (using coconut milk, a nut milk or water), but my kids generally prefer those that are made with yogurt.

If you are not sensitive to dairy, adding yogurt to your smoothies is a good way to boost your intake of probiotics, calcium, and protein.

I recommend organic plain yogurt in this berry yogurt smoothie because it is a whole food and is all natural (most low fat or non-fat fruit yogurts generally contain unhealthy sweeteners and artificial ingredients–just take a look at the labels). It is also important to use whole milk yogurt because calcium is a nutrient that is best absorbed in the present of some fat!

I usually add free-range egg yolks to my smoothies because they are a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. If this does not appeal to you, you can leave them out, but know that the risk of salmonella is negligible if you use very fresh, free-range eggs. Raw egg yolks contain highly digestible nutrients, but egg whites are best consumed cooked, so don’t put the whites in your smoothie–save them for another recipe.

Berry Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

Serves 2


*1 cup fresh or frozen organic strawberries
*1 cup fresh or frozen organic raspberries
*1 cup frozen wild blueberries
*1 organic banana, peeled and sliced
*1 1/2 cups plain organic whole milk yogurt
*1/2 cup raw milk or organic grass-fed milk
*2 egg yolks, preferably organic and free-range


Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. Add additional water or ice to produce the desired consistency.


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